How Much Are Shots in a Bar?

At some point, we all have at least downed a shot or (if we are not drinkers) watched someone downing one, if not in reality, at least in movies.

If you are reading this article right now, chances are you have downed one. In fact, chances are you have just opened your newly inaugurated bar and have no idea how to price those oh-so-famous shots that a lot of people come here for.

Normally a shot in a bar can range anywhere from $4 to $15. Yes, that is a wide range, and this is because the actual price mainly depends on the quality of the alcohol.

The higher the quality, the greater the price of the shot served in the bar. And it does not end there. The price of the shot can, at times, also depend on the quality of the bar.

So, a bar in one of the happening parts of town definitely has the liberty to charge more than a simple bar in a hidden part of town.

Does it make sense? Then read on as we tell you more about what lies behind the price of shots in the bar, for you came here to get some education on that, didn’t you?

What’s Special About Shots?

Well, you may know this already, but just because this is an article on shots, these are drinks that can be downed in a gulp which is why they received their name and are usually popular for the fact that they are cheap, unlike neat drinks that are expensive and meant to be savored and is usually enjoyed when served on the rocks.

That said, let us now move on to the real purpose of this article, the cost of shots in a bar. Now that we have seen what the range is, let us look a little closer to understand some of the factors that cause this variance.

The Quantity

Along with the quality, one of the most determining factors behind the price of a shot in a bar is the quality, and you, too, would agree that this is only fair, wouldn’t you?

Ideally, one shot makes 1.5 ounces, but then, this can, at times, vary with the size of the glass that some bars choose to pour it in.

And with that, a glass that holds a greater quantity can come with a higher price and vice versa.

The Bottle Cost

Some of the factors to consider here are the brand, quality, type of alcohol, and finally, the size of the bottle that the alcohol is poured out from

And all this can vary from bottle to bottle. A bartender here usually divides the volume of the alcohol in the bottle with the number of shots that come from it to finally decide on the price of the shot poured from that bottle.

And while doing this, he takes into account the price of the entire bottle.

Liquid Markup

In addition to the above, there is also a factor known as liquid markup, which is nothing but the percentage charged by the bar on individual drinks by customers who come to the bar.

In other words, this is the bar’s overhead, which is often determined by things like competition and rivalry that a bar normally faces from bars and other places around, all of which make up for the liquid markup.

In other words, this is the number of times the cost a customer pays for a shot of alcohol in the bar.

For instance, there are some bars that charge customers four times the cost of a normal shot and some that even charge five times.

Look around such a bar, and you will notice that this would be to make up for all the expenses that go into all that you see, like the air conditioning and other facilities that the bar provides for a customer’s luxury.

After all, maintaining a bar is no small thing. There are bills to pay, which include rent and utility, and not to forget salaries and fees for bartenders and those around that you see.

How Much is a Shot of Vodka in a Bar?

This is one question that we know is on most minds of readers, and so if you are one of them, here we go.

Now again, this depends on the kind of vodka served, which means the brand and the quality.

When it comes to vodka too, you have some brands that are expensive and some that are not brands but offer higher quality.

And then, there is also the ABV (alcohol by volume) that one needs to consider, especially about vodka. Vodka can come with varying levels of ABV, from those as low as 40 percent to those as high as 95 to even 100 percent.

How Much does a Shot of Tequila Cost?

Tequila is another favorite of a lot of bar customers, so let us have a brief look at how much a shot of these.

Tequila, like any other liquor, can have shots varying from $5 to $15, again with the price being dependent on the quality and the brand.

And then, since tequila is often served in high-end bars, there is always the profit margin that can make a huge difference, with some of them going even far as to keep a margin of 80 percent.

Final Words

While tequila, whiskey, and vodka are some of the most common, you can get them with shots; today, you also have a few other interesting options that include rum and even beer that you would find in some bars.

Interesting? We found it interesting too.

Anyway, now that you know the average cost of a shot in a bar, you can go ahead and fix the price in your bar, taking into account all that we taught you and considering them with regard to your bar.



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