How Much Is Old English Beer?

Miller company made its miracle when they first decided to brew Old English beer.

Some people still refer to it as Olde English beer, the way the company used to write its brand name on the bottles or cans.

Today we will learn more about Old English beer, which is a first-class alcoholic beverage in the American, Canadian, and UK markets.

Even though it takes much more time to produce Old English beer compared to any other beer, it’s also more satisfying when you drink it.

There are consumers that love to drink it from the bottle and without entering it into the chiller.

The taste is a lot different than other beers since it has a lot of malted barley in its substance.

Let’s check the specifications, and you are free to decide if Old English beer is the right drink for you.

What is Old English Beer?

Miller Brewing Company first introduced Old English beer in 1964, and the Americans were excited.

The beer’s nickname was 8 Ball, the only one bottled in 40oz bottles at the time.

During the 1990ies, Old English beer finally received a Gold Metal at the Great American Beer Festival.

It was, at the time, the only beer that used fermented barley to ensure that the taste was of higher quality.

The beer hops used were always a mystery since some of them were imported, and others were taken from local farmers.

What is Special About Old English Beer?

Old English beer was first produced in Pennsylvania, United States. It’s one of the oldest beers with the best possible fermentation process.

You can easily have Old English beer in any liquor store across America.

At the same time, you can also enjoy it in pubs and clubs, where people use to drink more beer than any other alcoholic beverage.

Old English has a strong and aromatic taste.

It’s like a wine that has transformed into a beer since the ABV remains higher than the category’s average.

It also comes in a special can with the best possible brand that will offer you extreme memories after you consume it.

Where is Old English Produced These Days?

As a consumer, you want the Old English beer to be available at the local liquor stores or supermarkets, depending on the area you live.

However, Old English is produced only in the United States in certain breweries around the country.

You can find it virtually anywhere in the country, and there is a big supply of Old English beer in various sizes and volumes.

The fact is that Old English is not available for draft beer, and you may only find it in bottles, making it hard to serve it in bars and restaurants.

Can You Buy Multiple Cases of Old English Beer?

There are cases of eight and twelve Old English beer cans that you can buy in liquor stores.

All containers are 40oz (almost 1,200ml) and can give you the joy and satisfaction you were always been looking for.

Even though there are no kegs for Old English, you may always find beer bottles that you can easily refrigerate.

After all, one bottle of Old English beer would be good for at least two drinkers.

When you want to throw a party, you may always find multiple beer cases to ensure you have enough to make everyone happy.

Average Price of Old English Beer in the Market

Old English beer price varies according to the size of bottle you want to purchase. If you like to buy the 6-pack with the 330ml, you will pay, on average, $9.90 to get it.

However, as mentioned before, you can get the 40oz bottle that is magnificent for only $3.45.

That is an evident economy of scale, and that’s the main reason most people prefer that bottle over the 6-pack of aluminum cans.

It’s important to know that Old English beer prices could vary according to the State.

Different places apply various tax brackets for Old English beer, and the retail price can fluctuate.

What is the Alcoholic Concentration of Old English Beer?

One thing is for sure: Old English beer has one of the highest ABV among beers in America.

It could be as hard as some beers in the European States; however, as a novice drinker, you should be prepared to have a serious buzz when consuming it.

The official ABV for Old English beers is 5.9%, almost double the score compared to the Pale Ales and the IPAs.

Many people may not handle such a great ABV, and that could create issues with drunkness.

It’s your responsibility to consume Old English wisely to ensure you will not get drunk or drive under the influence when you drink it.

Are there any Online Discounts for Old English Beer?

When you order Old English beer online, you may get several coupons for your following orders.

These coupons can give you a rebate of up to 20%, making you a loyal customer.

There are several online discounts when you are a frequent customer of liquor stores and other projects.

Old English beer remains one of the cheapest beers you will find online, in proportion to its size and taste, which are both enormous and special.

Why Do People Like Old English Beer?

People love Old English beer because it has a malty taste that has nothing to do with anything you have tried before.

It has the best foamy experience you can ever have with a beer.

Not to mention that you can always admire the fizzy personality of that beer.

It will help you digest a lot easier any meat meal and the same time make you feel full when you have a snack.

Final Words

With Old English, you will learn the real meaning of beer again.

It’s the one with the highest ABV, and it will give you the quality and taste you were always been looking for in a beer.

The price is affordable for everyone, and that’s a certain plus for the Old English brand’s success.



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