How Much WKD to Get Drunk?

Younger people love to have an easy-to-drink alcoholic beverage. They also like it to be trendy and fashionable.

Both arguments are met when you have the WKD Vodka drink. It’s one of the blockbuster alcoholic beverages for young teenagers who are at the legal age to drink in European countries.

People in the US and Canada need to wait until they reach the age of 21 to start drinking WKD.

However, the advertisement and promotion for WKD keep on being massive on the internet and other social media.

At this point, it would be better to analyze more what WKD is and where you could find it. People in different countries could consume WKD beverages in other ways.

However, it all comes to the same assumption that WKD is a drink that you should be aware of when consuming it.

The pure alcohol that always inside takes time to metabolize, and this could give you legal implications when you are out of the home.

What Is WKD?

If you want to follow the WKD brand, you better check online, as it’s everywhere. It comes from the Beverage Brands company, and it’s one of the most recognizable in the United Kingdom and the United States.

WKD is the name for Wicked Vodka, and sometimes younger people call it simply wicked.

It comes in many tastes, and for some people, it’s easier to drink than consuming neat vodka.

You can have WKD, which comes in lemon, orange, passion fruit, watermelon, and other flavors.

In other words, it’s a very tempting effort from Beverage Brands officials to introduce vodka consumption to younger people.

Now it’s time to know more about the alcoholic concentration (ABV) of WKD beverages.

Even though this does not change according to the place you buy it, you need to be sure when you consume it.

Overconsumption could easily get you close to intoxication from alcohol. That is why the use is limited in some jurisdictions, and younger people should show an ID to buy it.

Which is the Alcohol Concentration in WKD?

The alcohol concentration for WKD beverages used to be 5.5% when they first appeared on the market in 2002. However, it was a hard drink for younger people, and the penetration to that segment of the market seemed not to be optimal.

That’s why Beverage Brands officials decided to gradually reduce the WKD alcohol concentration to 5% and then 4.5% by the end of 2010. Some teenagers were not able to drink the beverage even when the concentration of alcohol was 4.5%.

That was the turning point for the Beverage Brands officials, who decided to further reduce the ABV of WKD to 4% in all countries by the end of 2022.

That made them give a low-alcohol beverage to teenagers that smelled and tasted as if they were having a soft drink.

The reality is that now you cannot observe and sense the alcohol inside the WKD beverage.

That could be challenging and potentially dangerous for teenagers who can overreact and drink more bottles, and finally get intoxicated by alcohol.

Can You Find WKD in Supermarkets?

In many countries, you can find WKD in supermarkets. However, since it’s an alcoholic beverage that looks like a soft drink, many countries like the USA and the UK sell it only through certified liquor stores.

These stores are necessary to identify all customers and ensure they are above the legal age to buy alcohol. That’s why WKD’s presence in some markets is restricted.

The same restrictions apply to the online market, where you need to show you are an adult to order the WKD beverages.

However, some Mediterranean countries sell WKD in simple convenience stores without any issue, and this is where teenagers can first come in direct touch with it and try it.

How Many WKD Can You Drink Before You Pass Off?

That depends on your body type and what is your body mass index. People who are more obese than others could consume more than one bottle of WKD at once.

Others, especially teenage girls, could become intoxicated by alcohol when drinking one single bottle of WKD.

Since WKD has a 4% alcohol concentration, it could give an optimal buzz to some people, but the majority would need more than two or three bottles to pass off.

Does WKD Come In Many Flavors?

It’s true that WKD comes in many flavors. You can start with the lemon flavor and go on with the other ones.

However, you can find more of them when you live in the UK, which is the primary market for WKD. Lemon, blueberry, raspberry, watermelon, and melon are the other flavors that are now on the market.

You will be sure to have most of them when you visit the local liquor store. Most of them simply taste like lemonade, and you can easily get the bottle frozen to ensure you have the best possible drinking experience.

Will WKD Warn You For Getting Drunk?

It is mandatory for WKD bottles to have a warning that you could easily get drunk when having it. That’s why it’s always better to check the label and see what the final ABV for the WKD bottle you have in your hands is.

Can You Get Drunk from Consuming a Single WKD Bottle?

If you consume a single WKD bottle, you can get drunk when you have not eaten a single thing during the day. People who drink WKD when they are hungry they are in danger of getting drunk and severely intoxicated by alcohol.

WKD bottles have only 4% ABV, which is close to a single 16oz beer can. However, you always need to drink responsibly as they have vodka inside.

Final Words

WKD is one of the favorite drinks for teenagers. They need to consume it with care to ensure their health and clarity.

People who promote WKD believe it’s one of the most successful alcoholic beverages ever created and introduced in the world market.



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