How To Hide The Smell Of Alcohol In A Room?

Drinking and partying with friends and family all night is such a great way to relax, unwind and have fun. But the hangover, the mess, and the smell of alcohol is not fun.

Also, the odor of alcohol in your room can be embarrassing and would not help if you are hungover.

If you want to quickly get rid of it the first step towards achieving that is to dispose of the smell source. It could be bottles or cans, remove these from the room.

How To Hide The Smell Of Alcohol In A Room

You can also cover up the smell by way of masking it with air fresheners, sprays, scented candles, boiled aromatics, and even perfumes. These can help to quickly mask the smell or make it less intense.

Cleaning isn’t left out, you can clean all spill surfaces and floors as well as textiles. Ensure proper ventilation and proper airflow to get rid of stale air.

Remove All Sources Of Smell

To lessen it the first thing to do is to remove all the sources of alcohol odor, there are a few steps to accomplishing this.

Dispose of empty cans and bottles of alcohol, as well as cups used in serving alcohol.

Ensure you dispose of them in your outside trash. This is because keeping them inside would make them contribute to the air in your room, and the odor will linger.

Dispose of disposable cups and wash the glass cups used to serve.

Clean Your Body

One possible source of the alcoholic scent in your room can be your body. Alcohol spills on your body can cause this.

Your clothes fabric can carry the scent easily so it is advisable to wash everything you had on during the party.

Take a shower, and have a long bath with soap after taking beer because your body might retain some of the odor. Also, brush your teeth with mouthwash to remove beer breath.

Clean Up Spills

Check for areas of spills and clean them up. If it is a hard surface like a table or a cabinet you can use a paper towel to soak it up and dispose of it.

Dispose of all used paper towels properly in the outside trash can alongside all empty cans, bottles, and disposable plastic cups. After soaking with a paper towel use Lysol wipes or a cleaning spray to thoroughly clean up the spill and remove the smell.

Apart from hard surfaces, you might also get spills on fabrics, if that is the case this would take a little more effort to get the stain and odor out. This is because fabrics are soft and would absorb the spill more than a hard surface.

If you can wash it in the washing machine using baking soda and vinegar.

If the fabric can’t be removed and put in the washer don’t worry there is still a solution to get rid of the spill by hand. Add vinegar to an equal amount of water and spray lightly on the area of spills.

And then with a towel dry the spot, after that sprinkle a little amount of baking soda on the spot and allow it to sit for some time till it is dry. If you can, add essential oils it would help to further eliminate the odor.

Ventilate The Room

When there is no proper ventilation, it can make unpleasant odors linger for long in a room. You can open up the windows and turn on the fan for some fresh air to come in.

Mask The Smell

A quicker solution to the alcohol scent in your room is to mask the odor with pleasant smells. Introducing pleasant smells into the air can quickly cover up the unpleasant ones.

Although masking the smell can quickly cover up unpleasant odors and freshen up the room, it won’t do so for so long. A long-lasting solution would be to clean up!

How Do You Hide The Smell Of alcohol?


Scented candles are a quick solution to mask a smell. The scent from these candles will make the air smell better in just minutes!

A wax warmer will also do the job and it has the advantage of being able to use electricity. This is as opposed to having an open flame in your house, which could be dangerous if you have children around.

How Can I Hide The Smell Of Alcohol From My Parents?


Sprays are very quick to cover up odors and introduce pleasant scents. If you need to freshen up your room in seconds use a room spray that has an immediate effect, a popular room spray is Febreeze.

A fabric spray can neutralize fabric odors rather than just masking the room air.

Boiling Aromatics

For a more natural method, you can boil some aromatics that can introduce a sweet aroma to your room. Citrus peels, vanilla beans, and apples are great options.

If you don’t have any of these, get baking. The aroma of your cooking can help neutralize the alcohol smell.

How Do You Suppress The Smell Of Alcohol?

Try this to get rid of alcohol breath.

Eat Garlic:

Garlic can have a strong scent which makes it great for hiding alcohol scent.

Gargle With A Mouthwash:

A gargle can help get rid of bad breath including alcohol.

Chew Bubble Gum:

The bubble gum flavor or mint from gums can cover up bad breath.


Although masking the odor is a quick and fast way to remove the smell from the room, there is a more permanent solution but not as fast.

Masking the smell can help you if you have visitors coming over in minutes and you don’t have so much time to clean.

However, you can combine both methods. For a long-lasting solution, you would have to clean both fabrics and other surfaces.

After cleaning you can throw in some masking scents or room spray and keep your room clean and smelling nice again.



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