How To Read Expiration Date On Snapple Bottle?

Have you ever held a Snapple bottle and wondered where the expiration date is written? Or perhaps you have seen the expiration dates but don’t know how to read them.

Well finding the expiry dates written on a Snapple bottle is pretty simple. All you need to do is to check the bottom of the bottle.

So if you ever doubted if the Snapple you want to purchase is still okay for drinking, all you need is to clear your doubt, by checking under the bottle.

But if that still doesn’t clear your doubt it is best to throw it away if you have already bought it. If you haven’t paid for it, then you are in luck.

Look for one that is still fresh and purchase that.

How To Read Expiration Dates On Snapple Bottles 

Check the bottom of the bottle to find it, it is close to where the nutritional information is written. It is usually written in a small circle.

Find a circle with numbers. The numbers you would find in this small circle at the bottom of the product are depicted in the format of the Julian Calendar.

To know the expiry period, you have to check for this number written in the format of the Julian calendar.

If you find the number on the bottom of the bottle written as 04223 then the product was manufactured on 10-Aug-2004. In some cases, the product would expire in two years.

However, there is a difference between the best-by date and the expiration date. The latter is the date written on the bottle when the product may not taste so good or be safe to drink.

On the other hand the “best by” is the manufacturer’s recommended time frame of when the drink would have its qualities at its peak. When consumed before the “best by date” you are most likely going to get the peak flavor and taste from this product.

What Do the Dates in Snapple Bottles Mean? 

If you check the bottom of your Snapple bottle the dates you see are not the expiry time of the drink.

The producers did not include the expiry time on the pack, but rather what you would see is the time the product was packed, which is called the pack date.

Most people don’t look for expiry dates before buying and consuming a product. They trust the retailers not to sell expired products.

So except if the drink looks mucky or smells bad, most people would consider it safe to consume. But, these products may not have the best flavor when they are past the expiry dates.

They may still be safe for consumption but they would not taste as good as the freshly packed ones.

Why Is The “Pack Date” Important? 

It is important to note the pack dates before drinking a bottle of Snapple. This is because the taste, flavor, and quality of the drink deteriorate over time.

If you consume an expired Snapple you would notice the difference in taste and flavor. It won’t taste as good as it did when it was still fresh.

The closer it is to the pack date the fresher it would taste. And the less you would get leaching plastic in your drink.

If you want a fresh-tasting Snapple then you should check the dates before consuming it.

Do Bottles Have Expiry Date?

The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) governs bottled water and other drinks in bottled cans. However, there are bottled products like water and some drinks that don’t require expiry dates.

But they are bottled in plastic bottles and the plastic bottles can leach into the content after some time. Hence, they are usually given two years from the “pack dates”.

For example, if the pack date states 20 August 2023, the expiration date would be two years later which would be 20 August 2025.

How Do You Find The Expiration Date On A Container?

Most products write the expiry time where it would be easily found. It is either at the bottom or the top of the bottle.

If there is an expiry time it would clearly be stated. It usually starts with the year, then followed by the month and the day.

The last two digits of the year are written first, e.g. August 20 2023 would be written as 23/08/20.

How Do You Read An Expiration Date Code?

Generally, you should use this format; MMDDYY for most products. YY stands for the expiry year, DD is the day and MM is the month.

This code would work for the expiration date on most food items. If you find 102023, for example, using this format it would mean your item would expire on August 20, 2023.

How Do You Know If A Snapple Has Expired?

These drinks do not have expiration dates written on them and according to the manufacturers, they do not expire. But they have a shelf life.

However, the taste may deteriorate when it has past its shelf life. A shelf life is the time frame when these products’ flavor, taste, and carbonation are at their best.


Snapples are delicious drinks that use plastic packaging. It has different flavors and ingredients which determine the shelf life.

They don’t have an expiration time, what they do have is a shelf life.

It is important to note that the shelf-life may vary according to the product.

Some products like Snapple Diet Lemon Tea have 6 months of shelf life from the date of production.

To know the expiration code you would have to find the number written in a small circle at the bottom of the bottle. The expiration time is calculated based on the date of manufacture.

Still, most drinkers don’t check for this before purchase as this is more of a guideline than a rule.

Most people have found that Snapple can still taste delicious even when it has passed its shelf life.



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