How To Use A Cocktail Strainer?

If you are someone used to fixing cocktails, you would agree that one essential piece of equipment here is an effective cocktail strainer.

While you may not need an intensive session on how to use a cocktail strainer, it sure would be helpful to look at what makes proper use of this simple equipment so essential and why you need to go ahead and buy a good cocktail strainer to mix your drinks with.

That said, this article is all about the uses of a cocktail strainer, the different kinds you have, and the difference that the right cocktail strainer can make to the cocktail you fix.

Read on if you want to know all about this.

How Does A Cocktail Strainer Work?

This is more of a metal bar that one can use to bring out ice from a drink. It works more like an effective sieve that one can place on the mouth of a glass, sending the liquid through the holes in it, just as it is with any strainer.

What is the Difference Between A Sieve And A Strainer?

Sieves, strainers, and colanders are often used interchangeably, but now that you are learning about cocktail strainers, it would be good to know a bit of the difference between the three, actually, two, because sieves and strainers mean the same.

While sieves and strainers come with mesh, colanders come with holes and often take the shape of a bowl with a base so you can place it on a surface. These are not very helpful for fixing a cocktail and serve the purpose of rinsing.

That said, let’s come back to cocktail strainers.

Why Do Cocktail Strainers Have Springs?

Cocktail strainers are of different kinds, most of which come with coiled springs affixed to them. The springs play a role in trapping chunks of ice and other solids that could otherwise muddle and spoil the drink.

What Are the Three Types Of Cocktail Strainers?

So, you are now curious to know what these strainers are. Read on to see the three different kinds and what it has for you.

The Hawthorne Strainer –This is one of the most common of all the three cocktail strainers you find today, for the fact that you can use it with various kinds of mixing glasses, which makes it versatile and convenient.

The strainer is designed with a metal coil that effectively traps all kinds of solids, including ice. The one drawback of this kind of cocktail strainer is that it can sometimes be hard to clean, as the spring will have to be removed before cleaning.

The Julep –The Julep is another kind of cocktail strainer you can find today. It takes the form of a large spoon with holes through which the liquid can pass through, almost like a strainer you see in your kitchen.

It is the same way with the way it is used. The user inserts it into a glass just as he would an ordinary strainer and let the liquid pass through it. This makes it one of the simplest and most convenient of all the three strainers that you can use.

Fine Mesh –Finally, there is the fine mesh strainer, which is very effective when you are working on fixing a cocktail.

This is often known as the double strainer and is generally used with any of the above two kinds of strainers.

Which Is the Best Strainer For Shaken Drinks?

The Hawthorne strainer is the best for shaken drinks for the fact that it is very effective in straining out every little particle of the drink, thanks to the spring coil in it.

You may have to put up with the bit of cleaning involved at the end, but when you see the difference it makes to your cocktail, you will probably find the effort worth it.

Why Do Cocktails Taste Better Shaken?

Any drink tastes better shaken. Here is a simple question for you. What would you enjoy more, a fruit juice or a milkshake? Here’s hoping that gives you an answer.

However, to understand it better, it’s like this. Ingredients that are thoroughly blended in a drink can make it more consistent and can go a step ahead in improving the taste of the cocktail.

Further, you also get to enjoy a more frothy experience as a result of the air bubbles that form with the proper shaking of the drink.

Finally, since cocktails come with multiple notes and flavors, it is important to give them a good shake so that they are well mixed without layers of flavors coming in between sips and spoiling the experience of your drink

There, hope you understand now, and the next time, make sure that you provide a good shake to the cocktail that you fix.

Why Do You Double-Strain A Cocktail?

A cocktail is a drink that includes the mixing of two or more alcohols and can also include some fruits and herbs. When not strained well, this can get your drink muddled and prevent you from enjoying it the way you should.

This is why experts mixing cocktails often work with double strainers to provide a smooth experience with sips of the cocktail one enjoys.

Now Go and Use Your Cocktail Strainer

And that is all about the cocktail strainer and its uses in your cocktail. Hope that all the information above gives you all the knowledge on how to use a cocktail strainer.

For one, you must arrive at the right kind of cocktail strainer. Once done, you have no worries, for cocktail strainers are easy to use, and cocktails are easy to mix

Just go ahead and use your cocktail strainer. Strain well to end up with a well-mixed and frothy cocktail.



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