Is Coca-Cola Good for Sore Throat?

When it’s winter, you will probably have a cold somehow. It could be a minor incident in your life, but it could give you a severe impairment to completing your daily activities.

A sore throat remains one of the main symptoms of catching a cold before even fever makes its appearance.

That’s why it’s better to start some home remedies to limit the expansion of sore throat before it becomes a generalized infection.

Coca-cola is what many people use as a home remedy to prevent the expansion of sore throat. They also try to eliminate the symptoms of sore throat, including:

  • a painful throat, especially when swallowing
  • a dry, scratchy throat
  • redness in the back of your mouth
  • bad breath
  • a mild cough
  • swollen neck glands

Even though you may not have much to do with your sore throat, we could elaborate more on that.

It will give you some smart ideas to use Coca-cola to deal with it or even make it more bearable until your immune system starts fighting against the intruders.

Sore Throat is an Inflammation of the Upper Respiratory System

First, we need to know what is a sore throat. Many viruses and bacteria could enter your respiratory system either through your nose or neck.

These germs can stick to your glands in the neck area and make them reddish and swollen.

It’s the very beginning of the sore throat, the common prelude for flu or any flu-like illnesses that are common during winter.

A sore throat can make you lose your voice and gives you a nasty feeling when you need to swallow food. That’s why eliminating the cause of the sore throat or applying some local remedies could make you feel better temporarily.

You can eliminate sore throat for sure when you start the painkillers or antibiotics.

But until they reach their therapeutic levels in your blood, it’s always better to have some Coca-cola and try to soothe the bad symptoms of a sore throat from the time they begin.

Coca-Cola Could Help if Cold in the First Stages of a Sore Throat

First, you need to know that Coca-cola should be cold enough to give you some temporary relief from the sore throat pain. It’s important to have a cold beverage like Coca-cola ingested the first few days when the disturbance from sore throat appears.

During the first days, the inflammation is only limited to the mucosa membrane of the neck glands.

When you have a cold Coca-cola, you will have the local circulation relented, which means that the infection’s expansion would not be as potent as it could.

Researchers have shown that Coca-cola could easily remove the bad odor from your neck glands and make you feel better when you have a sore throat. Let’s see how this could be done so that you know it next time you start feeling bad.

There is an Anti-inflammatory Action of Coca-Cola

As we analyzed before, a sore throat is an inflammation of the upper respiratory system. All the glands and the lymph nodes there are very rich in cells that can start an inflammation.

Drinking coca-cola has shown that you can have a direct touch of these soft tissues with a lot of caffeine coming from the cold beverage.

Studies in mammals and rabbits have shown that Coca-cola rich in caffeine can enter the metabolic paths of inflammation and reduce its presence.

For that reason, drinking coca-cola at the beginning of your sore throat can give you a more smooth transition time before the fever starts.

You will have fewer symptoms of sore throat, and it will help you to swallow all foods and beverages a lot better.

Even though you may not like to drink coca-cola when you have a sore throat, it could be a good reason to do so since it will relieve you from painful symptoms sooner than any other painkiller you will get prescribed.

Carbon Dioxide Could Relieve You from Sore Throat

Other studies support that you could relieve your sore throat simply by gargling some coca-cola.

Then, of course, you can drink it, but letting it stay for a few seconds on your neck’s soft tissues could be plausible.

Carbon dioxide is all you need to reduce the pain in the throat area.

It seems like the fizziness in the coca-cola, thanks to the carbon dioxide, relieves the pain and allows your throat tissues to renew their mucosa membrane.

As a result, you could easily deal with your sore throat in the initial steps when you consume coca-cola fresh from the bottle and allow the carbon dioxide to do its job there.

Coca-Cola Has Phosphoric Acid That Could Kill Some Bacteria

Another useful substance that is abundant in the Coca-cola beverage is phosphoric acid. It is one of the few substances that can penetrate the inflammatory cells and reduce swelling and pain.

Coca-cola has phosphoric acid, and it can easily enter the inflammation cells to prohibit further reactions. That could severely slow down the inflammation process and allow other drugs to reach the area and stop the inflammation.

That’s the main reason you feel a lot more relieved each time you drink cold coca-cola when you first feel sore throat pain.

Sugar In Coca-Cola Makes You Feel Better Through Dopamine

Finally, coca-cola is full of sugar. You can see that there are nine teaspoons of sugar in every coca-cola can.

When you have more sugar in your blood, you have your brain produces more dopamine.

The latter is the neurotransmitter for joy and happiness, and that’s the main reason you feel better and relieved every time you drink your coca-cola, being ill with a sore throat.

Final Words

Even though you cannot expect coca-cola alone to become the single remedy for sore throat, it could definitely help with the pain symptoms.

However, it’s better to drink it with care, especially when you have stomach issues. Asking your doctor about drinking carbon dioxide beverages like coca-cola when you suffer from a sore throat is also necessary.



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