Is Gatorade G2 Hard to Find or Discontinued? [Things You Want to Know]

G2 is popular among athletes. It is a drink that is known to help athletes recover and rehydrate after partaking in vigorous sports activities.

Although there are a lot of rival sports drink manufacturing companies, the G2 has lower sugar content than most drinks for athletes.

It boasts superior hydration and it is packed full of contents that restore lost electrolytes.

Fans of this drink have however noticed a shortage of the G2 on shelves.

Is Gatorade G2 Hard to Find or Discontinued

The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdown brought about shortages in the supply chain. This has resulted in shortages of most products including the G2.

Hence lovers of this beverage are left to wonder if this beloved beverage is missing due to high demand.

Some wonder if it has been discontinued by the company or if it is just missing and short in supply as a result of the pandemic.

Is Gatorade G2 Discontinued? 

Pepsico did not discontinue the entire G2 Gatorade line. What the company did is discontinue some flavors.

Pepsico is discontinuing flavors one by one, and this makes lovers of this drink unsure about the whole G2 line of drinks.

According to UpThirst, the company representative stated that the G2 isn’t performing as well as it hoped it would. This is in terms of attracting athletes in the athletic community.

So there isn’t much demand for this product and hence it is being discontinued as a result of low demand.

Some reviews by fans of this product say the company is gradually stopping the making of some of its flavors. For example, raspberry lemonade, lemon-lime, and orange.

There is no official statement from the brand to back up this claim. Some of these reviews suggest that the company has stopped the production of the G2 line.

The rumor has however not been confirmed by the company. These rumors have been on before the covid pandemic. It first started in 2017.

However, the company insists that they are still making the G2 line.

Has Gatorade Stopped Made G2? 

The lack of Gatorade G2 on shelves has not gone unnoticed by lovers of this drink. And some are wondering if it is just out of stock or if it is discontinued.

If your favorite flavor is orange, lemon-lime, and raspberry, then the answer is yes because these flavors are discontinued.

The company has stopped the production of some flavors of the G2 line already, some affected flavors are orange, lemon-lime, and raspberry-lemonade.

Finding these flavors of G2 sports drinks is nearly impossible. You would need some detective skills to find one, and when you do it would be very expensive.

However aside from these flavors, there are other Gatorade types available on supermarket shelves that you can purchase.

The G2 is marketed as having low carb and calorie content, however, these features didn’t seem enough to drive the desired patronage.

Gatorade had shortages in shelves during the Covid as a result of high demand, and the market is yet to make a recovery from that.

Is Gatorade G2 Still Being produced? 

Consumers have grown to love this product and its not being available is causing a fuss. No worthy substitute for it has been found.

A Pepsico representative has commented on the status of this product. According to them, the product was made to improve the performance of athletes but the athletic community didn’t relate as much to the product.

Since the target client, the athletic community didn’t patronize the product the company has therefore resolved to discontinue production. But they hope to continue making innovations.

These products are made for people with athletic lifestyles that need to hydrate often and replenish lost electrolytes to maintain good health.

Losing electrolytes can cause weakness and nausea and can affect cognitive ability. The product contains potassium and sodium which are essential.

It has low sugar and lower carbs than the common ones.

However, some have moved to buy Gatorade zero as the closest substitute with low calories.

Why is Gatorade G2 Scarce If It Is not Discontinued? 

Since the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, it has been hard to find Gatorade as well as other drinks due to hitches in transport.

Apart from that the demand for such enormous hydrating drinks when up as it helps to quickly boost hydration when sick.

As a result of these factors, stores ran out of supply leading to obvious scarcity.

The fact that some of its major flavors are discontinued and others are still being discontinued also didn’t help the case.

Pepsico is presently focused on making G-Zero to replace G2.

What Are The Substitutes

If you are not into intense activities like athletes water is the best drink to stay hydrated. Those who engage in mild activities don’t need a sports drink.

The US Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine recommends that women should take 11.5 cups of water a day, while men should take 15.5 cups daily.

Apart from pure water, the following can help you stay hydrated; coconut water, Green tea, and Broth.

Before you find a perfect replacement for G2 you can stay hydrated with pure water, coconut water, green tea, or broth.


Gatorade G2 is being discontinued. The company is slowly ceasing to produce the G2 line of products and hence it is short in supply.

Consumers are yet to find a worthy substitute although the company is pushing forward the G zero to fill in G2.

For those who are more concerned about the flavor of G2 than the benefits, it is not easy to find a substitute. However, those who are not into intense physical activities can hydrate with natural drinks.

The good news is not all the G2 flavors are discontinued yet, you can still find the following on Amazon.

  • Glacier Freeze
  • Fruit Punch
  • Grape

Boosting sales of G zero is now the major focus of the company, hopefully, it would be able to fill in for G2.



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