Is London Pride Beer Gluten Free?

One of the favorite beers for Londoners is the London Pride beer that you may find in any supermarket or liquor store.

That beer stands proud for more than three-quarters of a century, reminding the resistance to Germans who tried to invade the country by air during World War II.

Today we will talk about the famous London Pride beer and its ingredients.

There has been a great debate among beer lovers concerning the existence of gluten protein in beer.

However, that is a matter of chemical analysis that you need to perform in order to check if it’s true.

We know all the ingredients that are present in the London Pride beer production.

Then you are free to decide if you are in front of a gluten-free beer and whether or not you may consume it freely.

What Does Gluten-Free Mean?

Gluten-free means for a product to contain no gluten protein in its ingredients.

It’s something that has been a must during the last decades when gastroenterologists have found that gluten intolerance remains one of the main bursting reasons for inflammatory bowel disease.

So many people insist on getting less gluten when they eat or drink.

That’s why the food industry has developed several food and beverage series that are completely gluten-free.

They have great success among people who are closely checking their diet to ensure they will not get more gluten from their food. London Pride beer could not be an exception, of course.

What Are the Health Issues Gluten Causes to Drinkers?

Looking for the main symptoms of gluten intolerance in otherwise healthy individuals, we have created a list:

  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Intestinal gases
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Skin rash
  • Headaches
  • Abdominal pain

These are the main health issues and symptoms that people with gluten intolerance face.

The more gluten they consume, the greater the severity and the duration of these symptoms.

When they have lower consumption of gluten protein in their food and beverages, these people show a significant reduction in their symptoms.

That’s why drinking beer that is gluten-free is important for them to feel good.

Which Are the Ingredients Having Gluten in a Beer?

Gluten is a natural protein that is on the shell of the crops.

No matter if we talk about wheat, rye, or barley, they all have gluten inside.

Beer is made from all three crops we mentioned before.

Sometimes there is also a combination of these crops to ensure that the final flavor and fermentation remain at the highest possible levels.

When you drink beer, you also have some barley and wheat inside that are full of gluten protein.

That is the case with London Pride beer, where there is no special process to remove gluten from wheat before adding it to the beer wart.

Can You Remove Gluten from London Pride Beer?

There is no method to remove gluten protein from a beer that has already been fermented and matured in barrels.

You may expect to perform such a method of removing the gluten from a beer, but it will certainly lose all its taste and aromas.

Most breweries prefer to get the gluten removed at an earlier stage before the wheat or barley enters the beer wart.

However, it’s quite a difficult and expensive method that will make beer less tasty and make it lose its originality.

Removing gluten from crops is something you can do before you actually use them for fermentation purposes.

There is no study showing that gluten removal will affect their ability to produce alcohol during the fermentation process.

Is Centrifugation a Good Method to Have a Beer Be Gluten-Free?

Some beers apply the centrifugation method instead of pasteurization and distillation.

However, that method cannot remove the gluten protein from a beer that already has gluten inside its crops.

The protein is too small to get centrifuged effectively.

That means you will have no chance of removing gluten even if you try centrifugation for multiple cycles.

The only way to remove gluten from London Pride beer would be to change the type of crops and have them remove their gluten protein before they start the fermentation process in the beer wart.

Do Beer Hops Contain Gluten?

Beer hops are natural plants that contain no gluten.

They are actually flowers, so there is no relativity to grains and crops that have lots of gluten protein in their DNA.

As a result, you may easily expect to use any type of beer hops during the beer fermentation process.

They will not add any gluten to your final beer product, and you can easily control the amount of flavor you want simply by checking the alpha-acid concentration in the beer mix.

Why Can People Suffering from Gluten Intolerance not Enjoy London Pride?

People suffering from gluten intolerance will not enjoy the consumption of London Pride beer.

That’s a fact since they will start having symptoms of their disease syndrome, explained in an earlier paragraph.

However, if you know you have gluten intolerance and you still need to drink London Pride beer, you should try only one glass.

The lower the amount of gluten you digest, the milder the symptoms will be.

It’s important not to overdo it with London Pride beer consumption, especially when you know you have a gluten intolerance.

Unless you want to end up in a hospital setting, it’s important to stay away from gluten-rich food and beverages, and London Pride is surely among them.

Final Words

London Pride beer brewers are proud to get their grains from local farmers.

They perform beer brewing the old-style way, and the gluten always remains inside the grains and becomes part of the beer mix.

It’s important to inform people with gluten intolerance about the dangers they face when they consume London Pride beer.

However, you can ensure them that a low consumption rate will not flair up their symptoms. They are free to consume any beer type they like as long as they know there is not much gluten protein inside.



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