Is London Pride Beer Vegan?

Today many people are looking for the most bizarre beer they can have.

Even though you may not reside in England, London Pride is a beer brand you have certainly heard about.

Created by London brewers right after the Nazi’s aviation raids in London in 1941.

London Pride has been made in Fuller’s Brewery ever since and has got commercial existence in 1958.

Beer is one of the masterpieces of the English beer brewing industry and tradition.

However, lately, there has been a big discussion about whether or not London Pride is good for vegan nutrition.

We will discuss this issue in the following chapters.

It’s important to know what is London Pride beer, how it differs from other English stouts, and what you should expect from it when you are a vegan.

What is London Pride?

London Pride is the best beer ever made and commercialized in the greater London area.

Even though Griffin brewery has other locations within England, the traditional London brewery is the one producing that magnificent beer.

The beer is malty and sweet, with a hint of bitterness that beer lovers like to feel in their mouths.

It’s one of the few English beers where you can feel the toffy smell, biscuit notes, and a zesty character that has made it popular worldwide.

It comes in bottles, cans, and kegs to ensure you can enjoy the London Pride beer in bottled form and draught.

Average ABV of London Pride Beer

There are slight differences between the keg and bottled forms of London Pride in terms of alcohol concentration.

Brewers officially state that keg London Pride beer can reach only 4.1% ABV, while bottles and cans are usually closer to 4.9%.

That makes a clear difference over the bottled form when you want to have the optimal buzz, drinking just a single beer.

However, when your goal is to drink more at a pub, having the keg form of London Pride will allow you to stay sober for a longer time.

Lately, we have seen a version of the keg London Pride that has reached a 4.9% ABV, making it ideal for export to other countries.

Where Can You Find London Pride Beer?

It’s easy to find London Pride beer in almost any liquor store in America or Europe.

Provided that you want to pay the import tax, you can have London Pride on your shopping list and enjoy it anytime you like.

London Pride also gets strong marketing with pubs, bars, and restaurants. You usually find it there in the keg container as a draught beer. 

How Can You Say is Your Beer Compatible with Vegan Nutrition?

To have a beer that is compatible with vegan nutrition, it has to comply with the vegan rules.

That means it should not contain any animal protein that has been previously produced in living animals.

Vegan nutrition is based only on natural products that belong to plants.

If your beer has some additions that belong to the animal species, then there is no way you can have it.

Even proteins that come from animals are not good for a vegan diet.

As a result, it’s important to check the ingredients of London Pride to get a sure view of the compatibility with veganism.

Why Is London Pride Not Suitable for a Vegan Nutrition?

London Pride is certainly not suitable for a vegan diet. That is because it contains parts of a fish protein called Isinglass. 

It’s a protein coming from the fish liver and helps chemists to remove the blurriness from the beer.

This factor is important to ensure that the beer will look transparent and will get easily commercialized to the public.

Other than Isinglass, the London Pride beer has only plant-based ingredients.

However, you cannot have it when you are vegan since you deny consuming any kind of animal protein, even if they come from fish.

Can London Pride Give You More Alcohol to Forget About Veganism?

The highest alcohol concentration you can get with London Pride would be no more than 4.9%.

That ABV is enough to make you look a lot better when being out with your friends.

However, you need to consume more than several bottles of London Pride before you actually forget anything about veganism.

Vegans usually have their preparations when they are going out with friends to consume only vegan-friendly food and beverages.

It’s quite unusual for a vegan to start having London Pride as long as they know there is the fish protein inside it.

Forgetting about veganism is not a valid reason to expect to increase the consumption of London Pride in the vegan people community.

Reasons People Decide to Drink More London Pride Beer

Drinking more London Pride beer is actually a fact in western countries.

It is one of the most recognizable beer brands, and it gives you a chance to be unique among your friends.

Let’s elaborate more on the specific reasons you can claim to prefer London Pride over any other beer available in the market.

  • Rich and smooth taste: It has such a smooth taste you have never had before. The foamy experience is there if you like it, and you can easily chill it to drink it whenever you like.
  • Affordable Pricing: In most cases, London Pride will not cost you more than $2.50 per can. It’s one of the lowest prices for imported beer.
  • Variations of packaging: Drinkers can find six or twelve packs of beer to ensure they get the right one for the occasion.
  • Keg Presence: There is a draught version of the London Pride, and you may find it in bars and restaurants.

Is London Pride the Right Beer to Serve Cold?

Like all the other beers, London Pride is always better to serve cold. That way, you can appreciate all its aromas and flavors.

Final Words

Even though London Pride beer is incompatible with vegan nutrition, it’s always great to know more about it and appreciate English brewers’ efforts to revive traditional London beer.



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