Muscle Milk vs. Fairlife: Know the Differences

With so many options available and individual preferences, picking the best protein shake beverage for you may be challenging.

Fairlife and Muscle Milk, the two most popular options will be your choice after reading this article.

Muscle milk is a sports drink for athletes and bodybuilders that help them recover and build muscle. The milk brand Fairlife is promoted as being more nutritious than regular milk.

The benefit of these Ready-to-Drinks (RTDs) protein and energy drinks are, you don’t have to spend time or effort mixing your own protein and complement.

Benefits and Drawbacks to Each Option

Both drinks contain a lot of protein, which is essential for keeping up a healthy lifestyle. If you use protein drinks as part of your fitness, you must consume them frequently.

However, they have some advantages and drawbacks too!

A protein shake with a high protein and calorie content is called muscle milk. Bodybuilders and athletes frequently use it to help them bulk up.

The protein shake with fewer calories and fats is Fairlife. People who are attempting to lose weight frequently use it.

When selecting a protein drink, muscle milk, and fair life are both excellent choices. Both have balanced nutrients, vitamins, and nutritional profiles.

Lactose-intolerant people can drink muscle milk because it doesn’t contain milk. The protein powder and casein of these products may cause allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to them.

Before taking any complement that includes a large amount of protein, people with kidney issues should speak with their doctor.

Which Shake—Muscle Milk or Fairlife—Might Be a Better Option?

There are some differences between Muscle Milk and Fairlife. When it is time to choose a protein-rich beverage on your mind, which is healthier for you, Fairlife vs Muscle Milk?

Muscle Milk is a good choice if you’re looking for a protein-rich beverage to aid in muscle growth or recovery following a workout.

However, Fairlife is a better option if you’re looking for just a healthier substitute for regular milk.

Macronutrient Comparison: Fairlife vs. Muscle Milk

For some reason, Core Power currently sells two different Performance formulas. Their other recipe has a unique nutrient profile and comes in a 14 oz. bottle.

The nutrition facts 11.5 oz. the jar is listed below!

Essential components Muscle Milk Fairlife
Calories 160 240
Protein (grams) 25 26
Carbohydrate (grams) 7 28
Fat 4.5 3.5
Sodium 250 160

The key takeaways are Core Power(Fairlife) contains 50% more calories than Muscle Milk Protein and has four times as many carbohydrates. Sugar is in abundance at Core powder.

The sodium in Muscle Milk’s drink, which is 11 ounces, is evenly distributed. People with high blood pressure should be aware of the sodium content of Muscle Milk.

Nutritional Comparison

Despite using real low-fat milk, Core Power protein shakes are lactose-free. This is because all of the milk products made by manufacturers undergo an ultra-filtration process.

Both Muscle milk and Fairlife drinks have fortified their shakes with vitamins A and D, which has long been a standard practice in the dairy sector.

Synthetic vitamin A is added to low-fat milk or isolates to make up for the vitamin A that is lost during the skimming process, and vitamin D is added to prevent soft bones fracture.

Muscle Milk goes even further by including vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium as additional vitamin and mineral supplements.

Which Taste Better?

In comparison to Muscle Milk’s three hydrolyzed milk protein powders, Fairlife Core Power’s Elite uses 100% real milk as its protein source which makes it taste a little better.

The flavor of Core Powder is similar to a mix of metal/chocolate. You must eat another food like kombucha to get rid of a flavor because it lingers.

The lactose-free milk with the best flavor is Fairlife. This lactose-free formula tastes really so good!

It may not have the same flavor as your taste buds as Core Power’s Elite contains none of the sugar found in their regular version.

Both Failife and Muscle Milk use almost similar artificial sweeteners. As a result, there are some taste similarities between Elite and MM’s Pro Series.

Comparison Based on Artificial Food Additives

Regarding the various synthetic food additives, people are willing to accept processed goods like these protein shakes, both drinks have their own standards for health maintenance.

Here is just a list of the components of each protein shake that certain people would rather not consume.

Muscle Milk Fairlife
Heavily processed and genetically modified Canola oil Natural Flavors, not exact natural
Natural & Artificial Flavors, Carrageenan, Sucralose, Acesulfame potassium Carrageenan components made from seaweed

Seaweed-derived thickener carrageenan is used in both liquid and food products and has been associated with health issues.

The safety of Sweeteners and Acesulfame k+ in Muscle Milk is also being questioned by some medical professionals. Canola oil is linked to inflammation.

However, there isn’t much concrete proof that they are to blame for the illnesses they are charged with.

Cost Differences

Core Power is currently offered in a 12-pack of 11.5fl oz bottles. The price per bottle is $32.16; this equates to about $2.68 per bottle.

Muscle Milk is approximately $1.89 per bottle, it is a little more expensive.

Prices for Muscle Milk’s Pro Series Knockout Chocolate and Core Power Elite Chocolate are reasonably comparable. Only a penny more per ounce is added for Muscle Milk Pro.

It’s fascinating that Core Power Elite costs two dollars less per case but has two so many grams of protein per bottle than Muscle Milk Pro.

Performance: Core Power vs. Muscle Milk

They are comparable in terms of price and protein content, but they are not the same.

In Core Power, protein makes up less than half of the macros, compared to almost two-thirds in Muscle Milk. High protein from Core Power contains 50% carbohydrates and comes from added sugar.

Core Power products only use real milk as their own protein source and are lactose-free, Muscle Milk Genuine utilizes no real milk and is not.

Core Power Elite (Fairlife) and Muscle Milk Pro Series both contain 60% more nutrients than their respective standard formulas.

So, Core Power Elite’s performance is better. However, their customer satisfaction scores are almost the same!


Muscle Milk Pro can be used as a snack or a meal substitute by anyone trying to eat a much more protein-rich diet.

Which protein shake—Muscle Milk or Core Power—is better for you, then? The Core Power protein shakes must work for you if you prefer ready-to-drink beverages.

Both drinks’ ingredients are generally healthy, if you experience any food intolerances you should read the label carefully before using it.

The price of these shakes is reasonable. If you’ve been thinking to buy about taking it, now is the time.



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