Vodka vs. Whiskey: Why is Vodka Better For You Than Whiskey?

When you say drinks, one of the first thoughts that comes to most minds (after beer, of course) is whiskey with its dark amber hue and strong notes, which one in time acquires.

For a few others, it is vodka, colorless and versatile and hence more favorable. Now, comparing these two is like comparing two ends of a spectrum. There are similarities, and yet the two are as different as night and day.

Which is better? Well, that depends, but this article throws some light on some reasons why vodka would be better.

#1. Vodka Is Sweet, Versatile, and Fun To Have

This is a drink that grew in popularity somewhere in the middle ages with countries like Poland and Russia, followed by Sweden in the 1960s and, in some way, the entire world today.

Okay, so let’s see what’s so special about vodka. One would be surprised to know that the drink was originally invented for the purpose of medicine.

Made with grains like corn, potatoes, and whey and can even include in it fruits like apples, berries, grapes and plums. There, if you have tasted vodka before, you now see why it is so sweet, don’t you?

And that’s another reason why vodka is so commonly used in cocktails. Vodka can be considered one of the best mixers one can find among alcoholic drinks (though there are some who still love to have it neat)

#2. Vodka Gives You More To Experiment With

Vodka is more fun when mixed with other drinks. A classic example would be orange juice, giving you a screwdriver cocktail. Or you could try cranberries, and you get a glass of cosmopolitan.

Or do you like ginger beer? Add it to your vodka, and you get a Moscow mule.

Vodka is not just fun but easy to drink too. One can just casually sip away without having to sniff, as in the case of whiskey, to determine its strength.

Those experienced will understand this. Yes, whiskey is strong, and gulping it down would be a major mistake, as a huge and careless sip is enough to burn one’s tongue.

With vodka, you don’t have to be mindful about your sips. Do you like the taste of it? Then, drink away. No worries, no rules, just fun all the way.

#3. Vodka Is More Easily Enjoyable

And with vodka, there is so much that you can expect when it comes to the taste, from light to fruity, and various notes of fruit and spice in contrast with the burning sensation that is the only experience that comes with whiskey.

This is because whiskey is more powerful and will first have to be smelled, swirled gently around the tongue, and only then swallowed.

Vodka, on the other hand, has no strong odor, so a first-timer can bravely lift the glass to his mouth for a swig.

#4. Vodka is Safer and Healthier

Let’s not forget the fact that it can be a healthier option, too, as it contains no sugar and has much fewer calories than the other options of alcohol that you are now seeing before you, yes, even whiskey.

This only goes to say that a glass of vodka poses no threat to someone scared of gaining weight.

Speaking of which, whiskey is just not a good option for someone suffering from high blood levels. Vodka, on the other hand, can prove to improve one’s heart health.

It increases blood flow, and better circulation and thus prevents strokes and other things that whiskey is not really known to do.

Whiskey also contains a certain amount of synthetic mixtures, which can persist even after the process of distillation and prove to be much more harmful to one’s liver.

Vodka, on the other hand, contains ethanol which is more easily processed by the liver.

#5. Vodka Can Save the Day

Here’s another thing to know. As Vodka is distilled much more times than whiskey, it is a clean drink.

It contains no impurities, congeners, or admixtures, which means it has a higher chance of keeping someone sober than whiskey.

However, this depends on one’s capacity and the amount that one drinks. Even then, if one were to compare the two, drinking vodka has a lesser chance of making a person rush to puke.

This makes it a better option for first-time drinkers, with fewer side effects that allow one to safely accept the glass one offers him at a party.

A little bit of vodka can, in fact, help you relax and can thus be a good solution (of course, in moderation) after a long day of tension.

Whiskey, on the other hand, is not distilled as much as vodka, which means it is going to contain more admixtures and, with that, a higher chance of a hangover in the morning if not handled well in the end.

In other words, it is a much stronger drink and definitely not the best option for a first-timer approaching it. It can intoxicate you much faster and more strongly than a glass of vodka can do.

Finally, here’s something that would probably make you laugh.

Have you ever heard of the problem of bad breath faced by someone who recently consumed a glass of whiskey? Well, you have no such worries with vodka.

In fact, the drink is known to promote oral hygiene and prevent mouth odor, which only makes it a better option when you are on a first date and are worried about how you are going to smell and behave.

Final Thoughts: Go Easy!

Now, don’t get fooled. We answered your question about why vodka is better for you. However, that doesn’t mean you can drink to your heart’s content.

So, just like it is with any alcohol, drinking in moderation is still the advice for you, be it vodka or whiskey that you choose.

And then you can be assured that the glass of vodka you enjoy can go a way in preventing chances of heart disease, diabetes, and strokes, the health benefits of alcohol that we all love to use as an excuse!

That said, do not drink when you are pregnant, driving, depressed, or below the drinking age (in which case, you shouldn’t have been reading this article at all!), for in all the mentioned cases, never mind the benefits we mentioned, vodka is going to do more harm than good.



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