What Can You Mix With Tequila Rose?

Tequila rose is a drink that is often a favorite among lovers of cocktails with its light pink color makes it especially attractive to women, which is the reason why the drink is so often enjoyed on Valentine’s day.

And like most women, we love to experiment and see what difference we can make the next time we fix this cocktail.

So, if you are one of them, read on, for this article is all about answering the question right now.

What can you mix with tequila rose? Read on to know.

The Fun That Lies in A Glass Of Tequila Rose

This strawberry cream liqueur is one of the most innovative alcoholic beverages. Its perfect combination of tangy and smooth has made it so popular among cocktail lovers for the past 20 years.

This drink is often enjoyed in the form of a chilled shot, but then, there are other ways to enjoy it too.

In fact, you will be surprised when you learn of the number of ways in which you can fix yourself a tequila rose, so much so that you will be left spoilt for choice the next time.

Whether it’s a killer cocktail that you want for your next house party or a light adult milkshake, there is always an option for you.

Almond Milk to Make it Rich and Smooth

If you are the kind that likes almond milk, then this is one of the best things that you can add the next time in your tequila rose cocktail. Add some vanilla essence and fresh strawberries if you like, and touch just a touch of vodka.

You will love what comes of it, and so will the guests you serve it to.

A Chocolate Coat For the Chocolate Lover in You

A chocolate lover would surely be reading this and smiling right now. But one thing to take care of here is the color, for you still don’t want to lose that sweet pink color, would you?

So, you can add some chocolate to the rim to feel the taste of it as it comes in contact with your tequila.

You know what to do next. You are going to lick the chocolate off between sips of your tequila. Now, what better way to enjoy your drink?

Add some chocolate-coated strawberries if you want to. That’s one better way to enjoy it.

Yes, White Chocolate Will Also Be Good

You could just try white chocolate. You now get to enjoy chocolate in your tequila that does not interfere with the color of your drink.

Go ahead and add it straight into the drink right away; maybe you can add some strawberry cream to that to maintain that rich pink.

Whipped Cream For Someone With A Sweet Tooth

Mix some tequila rose with chocolate liquor to create a layered shot of it. And with that, don’t forget to add the most important part, the whipped cream.

If you are someone with a sweet tooth, you are simply going to love it.

Greek Yogurt On A Hot Summer Day

Now, this is the perfect drink for summer. Nothing can comfort you better on a hot day from a market than this tequila rose popsicle made with tequila rose and Greek yogurt.

Simply mix the two and create a popsicle of it just as you otherwise would, to leave them in the fridge for a convenient shot to have on a hot day when you want to sip something cool.

Margherita, But It Can Intoxicate You

Here it is for those of you who have been waiting for this. Tequila rose, and margarita can come together to make a sweet, fruity cocktail as well as tart.

Only here do you need to note the number of drinks you are having, for this one can be pretty intoxicating.

Cranberry For the Fruit Lover In You

And so, for the fruity lovers who want to enjoy their drink guilt-free, here is another interesting option, Cranberry.

Here, all you have to do is combine some tequila rose with cranberry juice so that the two come together in a sweet blend that will soon be loved and enjoyed by you.

And then, in time, if you find that you have been doing this too many times and want a change, go ahead and replace the Cranberry with grapefruit juice.

You can actually replace it with any other fruit juice. Experiment with the many options until, by the time it is the next house party, you will know the best thing to do.

Tequila Rose With Soda: Another Summer Drink For You

While some were waiting for the Margherita, some others were perhaps waiting for this. Yes, you can add soda to a glass of tequila rose, and this can, in fact, make another very soothing summer cocktail.

This way, you can enjoy the sweet taste of tequila with the fizz that comes along with it.

For the best results, try lime soda or ginger ale, but then, if there is something else on your mind, again, you are free to experiment. Club soda can also be a good way to add a splash of flavor to your glass of tequila rose.

Now Choose From the Many Pink Options Before You

And these are just a few of the many ways to experiment with the tequila rose. So, you see, there is something for the chocolate lover, there is something for the fruit lover, there is something for the hot summer, and there are many things you can enjoy all through the year.

Which of the above did you like best? Which one would you like to go for first? Try it out, after which you can experiment with the rest and find some more.

That’s the nice thing about tequila rose. There is no end to how much you can experiment with this beautiful pink drink.

Presenting Your Pink Cocktail Is Important Too

And then, in the end, don’t forget that presentation matters, so remember to choose the right glass in which to serve your tequila rose.

While there is nothing wrong in serving your pink drink in a whiskey glass or beer mug, what’s important is that you have been creative and have done all you can to make your drink look beautiful and attractive.



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