What Does Dos Equis Taste Like Now?

Dos Equis is a popular Mexican Lager Pilsner style from Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma brewery. Those who haven’t had a taste of this lager may not understand why it is so popular.

Do you want to know what it tastes like? do read to the end. We would explain the taste, color, aroma, appearance, and the perfect temperature for this beer.

This drink as a lager mostly has the taste of malts and notes of sweet corn. The smell is not overwhelming, just mild. It is an easy-to-drink beer with an ABV of 4.2%.

Drinkers of this beverage would testify that it goes well with little citrus flavors and acidity that can be gotten from lime.

What Does Dos Equis Taste Like?

It has other varieties, but the larger Especial is the most popular variety and it would be our focus in this article.

It is a very refreshing beer, everything about it is geared toward being refreshing. The malt used in the production accounts for its sweet malt notes. Also present is a hint of corn.

When poured this gold liquid foams up, the foam dissipates quickly. Due to its nature, it is perfect for parties, get-togethers, or a quiet relaxing afternoon refreshment on the beach.


The taste is that of malt and corn sweetness. Some lovers of this drink would add lime to spice up the flavor.

In the absence of any other additional flavor, it would give its primary taste of malt sweetness. Aside from the sweetness it also has little bitterness and a smooth finish.


It has hints of citrus, and when had with lime garnished with salted it gives a different taste that overrides the original flavor that comes with it.

If you are familiar with Corona Mexican Lager beer then you have a clue what Dos Equis tastes like. Both the Corona and Dos Equis Taste is similar. Although the taste of these drinks depends on how fresh they are.


The beer smells like how it tastes. The aroma of corn is quite prominent in it. It also has a malt taste.

All aroma in this drink doesn’t overwhelm the senses, they are quite mild and faint giving a perfect blend of flavor, nothing distracting.


Its look isn’t unique as the flavor and taste but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a good appearance.

It has a golden yellow color with a white head that goes off pretty fast, it has no lacing. And the high carbonation causes bubbles to rise from the glass.


It gives a feel of watery carbonation but is a little crisp. It is a light drink so expect nothing too heavy, making it a great and refreshing summer beverage.

It gives a mild and refreshing feel with nothing complex, making it easy to drink. It is more like a standard mouth feel of adjunct lager beer.


The manufacturers are pretty strictly protective of their ingredients. It would not be a good idea to reveal it since this is a macro-beer in the industry.

For people who would like to know the actual content of their drink, the company revealed some basic ingredients on their page. Some of the ingredients contained in it are water, hops malted barley, corn starch, and ascorbic acid.

All the ingredients are typical of such a beverage. They didn’t include the type of yeast used, but it might be a larger yeast.

It is a light Pilsner-style lager that has crisp characteristics and a smooth finish.

Alcohol Content

Its ABV is 4.2% which further makes it easy to drink, it can be the drink of the party as you can drink more than a can without getting intoxicated.

Nutritional Information per 12oz

It has 131 calories, 0g fats, 11g carbs, an ABV of 4.2%, IBU of 10.

The drink just like most Mexican beer goes well with lime. Basically, a little drop of lime is squeezed into the drink and it completely changes the flavor.

It doesn’t matter whether you are drinking from a bottle or can just squeeze little drops inside to enhance the flavour of your drink.

It also goes well with a salted glass rim. Adding a little salt to the rim of your glass can greatly improve your beer taste.

These are some of the ways you can garnish it.


The best temperature to get the maximum flavour of this beverage is cold temperatures. Too much Sun exposure can ruin the taste of the beer, avoid taking it while hot as you won’t get the maximum refreshment.


The drink is available in both cans and bottles or draft, depending on your location you may not find some of these options available to you. Some people may prefer a particular package due to some factors like comfort.

Generally drinking your beer on a draft gives you the maximum benefit from a beer in terms of refreshment, as it is fresh, cold, and doesn’t have off flavors. Can drinks may not be fresh but they are potable and opaque thereby reducing the effect of light on them.

The beverage is packaged in a green bottle which doesn’t protect the beer from being light-struck.

There might be possible noticeable changes to the flavor as a result of the packaging.

This drink is best served in a nice pint or shaker as this would allow you to get the full experience of the beer.


The beer would go well with a lot of Mexican foods and normal beer foods. Examples of beer foods that would go well with it are; Burgers, chips and salsa, Chorizo, and Pizza.

It can serve well on a variety of occasions with a matching Mexican meal.

Be it a time on the beach, a party, or just a get-together, the light taste of the beer makes it suitable for the majority of occasions.

Make sure to take it at a cool temperature to get maximum enjoyment.



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