What Does Stella Artois Taste Like?

Stella Artois is a popular beer found almost anywhere. It’s safe to assume that beer snobs have a love-hate relationship with this exported Belgian lager.

Stella Artois comes in a bottle that looks like something out of a medieval castle and is marked with a bold red emblem, has been around for some time. But its recent history is what makes it worth learning about.

If you’ve been wondering what Stella Artois is, here’s your chance to find out. What does Artois refer to, exactly? After reading this article, you will be one step closer to understanding this topic.

What Is Stella Artois?

The first batch of Stella Artois lager was made in Belgium in 1926. This beverage fits the profile of a pilsner because of its golden hue, mildly floral to spicy hop scent, crystal clear appearance, and flavor.

Many liquors lover don’t know what Stella Artois means. Well, it’s a beverage with a strong, fruity, malty flavor and an extremely drinking beer. The hops toned down enough to give this beer a dry and crisp taste.

It has a slender, white head and a clear, golden color when it pours, like most lagers. It is usually served in a distinctive Stella Artois chalice. It’s refreshing and simple to drink for a lager.

Stella is generally regarded as a strong lager with a high alcohol content. With supper or after a long day at the office, Stella is a very revitalizing beverage.

Stella Artois History

The history of Stella beer begins in 1366, when the Den Hoorn Brewery was founded. Stella beer’s traditional flavor and style were created by Den Hoorn.

Stella, from the Latin for the star was brewed around the holidays. And yet, surprisingly, it caught on with the public and became a hit. As a result, it was able to be brewed year-round.

Stella Artois beer became more popular under Sebastien Artois’ watchful management and savvy advertising. Now beer is available almost all over the world.

Recipe and Ingredients of Stella Artois

While they don’t publish an official formula, Stella Artois does list the following substances as contributors to their beer: water, barley, and hops.

This is not the most helpful summary Stella Artois has given. Some sources say that Stella Artois also uses a secret yeast strain that is different from any other yeast.

This could be the reason why Stella Artois has a simple but unique taste.


  • 11 lbs German Pilsner malt
  • 75 oz Saaz hops (60 minutes)
  • .5 oz Saaz hops (5 minutes)
  • WLP830 German lager yeast
  • 3 oz priming sugar

Taste Profile of Stella Artois

Stella Artois relies on a small number of simple ingredients to create its signature lager flavors. To create Stella Artois, brewers combine malted barley, water, and hops.

In spite of its humble origins, this pilsner is anything but thanks to its harmonious blend of sweet barley maltiness and floral, herbaceous bitterness from the hops.

Stella Artois is mostly sold in its signature 11.2 oz. green bottles, but it is also available on tap in some pubs and restaurants.


Stella Artois beer has a golden hue, and when poured into a glass, it creates a frothy head that is around an inch high, and it stays on the glass for almost one minute before dissipating.

When it is poured into a transparent glass, you will notice that it contains numerous minute bubbles, which is evidence that it has a high level of carbonation and fizziness.


This beer has a pleasant mouthfeel thanks to its light-to-medium body and soft carbonation, which combine to make it a great drinking experience.

The flavor on the palate lives up to the expectations set by the aroma, which provides a glimpse of what to expect from the flavor on the tongue.

It has notes that are reminiscent of grass, and these flavors blend with those of sweet grain to provide a taste and texture that is straightforward and uncomplicated altogether.


The malty sweetness and hops bitterness of Stella Artois balance out the floral aroma.

This lager is balanced and delicious thanks to the combination of zesty hops and malted barley. You can anticipate a smooth, dry, and slightly lingering aftertaste.


Traditional Belgian lagers include Stella Artois. Because of this, it has a fresh, clean scent with hints of hoppy flowers. Herbaceous aromas are enhanced by the barley’s inherent sweetness.

What Causes Stella Artois to Taste This Way?

Would you like to go over Stella Artois’ taste and flavor a bit more and explanation of why it tastes the way it does.

The fact that this beer tastes more bitter than an American lager. It is likely to be one of the first things that many American drinkers will notice about it. This is accurate!

IBU, the unit of measurement for bitterness ranges from 20 to 26 for European pale lagers, while American lagers fall between 16 and 22.

In addition, the four ingredients used to make Stella Artois are water, malted barley, Czech Lies on the eastern hops, and maize. The very first three are generally acceptable among beer drinkers.

To many people, however, adding corn to the beer makes it sound incredibly cheap. The bitterness of the beverage has also changed significantly over the years, which is an additional intriguing point.

However, come to the conclusion that the beer doesn’t really taste diluted and that the potential addition of corn did not detract from the flavor.


Stella Artois, like any other beer, has both its devoted fans and its detractors, much like any other brand. It is a light lager that is widely available and has tremendous marketing behind it.

It’s possible that the lighter-colored glassware and prominent hop character of Stella Artois contribute to the perception that the beer is “skunky” among certain people.

Depending on their preferences, some beer lovers may find this drink to be too straightforward for their tastes. Stella Artois is the preferred brew of a significant number of beer drinkers.



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