What Does Yuengling Traditional Lager Taste Like?

Yuengling Traditional Beer is renowned for its deep amber hue and standard-size flavor. This conventional lager is a genuine American classic that was created from an old recipe revived in 1987.

12 ounces of Yuengling Traditional contain 141 calories and an ABV of 4.5%. This is typical of the majority of lagers, particularly the darker varieties like the Vienna aesthetic that Yuengling Traditional imitates.

Made with cooked caramel malt for a light sweetness and a blend of cluster and ripple hops, this authentic original has a flavor that is both well-balanced and distinctive.

Learn more about the taste profile, food matchups, and serving suggestions for Yuengling by reading on!

How to Enjoy Yuengling at Its Full Flavor

There isn’t really a false way to drink beer as long as you like the flavor, but there are some decisions to be made regarding the ideal temperature, glasses, etc. to add more charm to regular taste.

Yuengling and other American amber lagers should be served at a temperature of 43-45°F. This colder serving temperature can highlight this beer’s crisp effervescence while conserving the malt aromas.

Yuengling is best served from a can or keg!

You should choose a glass that brings out the best aspects of your lager. A wide glass will make it simple to drink while emphasizing the malty fragrance increasing with the carbonation.

The best glasses to serve Yuengling in are Becker glasses, pint glasses, or tumblers.

Yuengling Traditional Lager Taste, and Is It Good?

Yuengling Traditional Craft beer is well-known throughout the northeast. Finding a bottle in other regions of the country can be challenging. It has a unique taste, aroma, and appearance.

There is a particular manufacturing process by which Yuengling creates the distinct flavor of this amber lager. In the American northeast, especially in the Pennsylvania region, Yuengling is incredibly famous.

Flavor and Aroma

The majority of beer enthusiasts’ opinion is that the flavor of a beer is their top priority. Compared to other American lagers, Yuengling Traditional has much variety of flavors, close to a German amber beer.

Yuengling’s aromas and flavor profile are fairly similar. The aroma of this traditional lager is sweet, with hints of roast and toasty biscuit. It also has a fruity, citrusy sweetness, which is similar to the aroma of apples.

Medium-low caramel aromas from the malt combine with a light hoppy flavor from the sequence and clump hops commonly used. Caramel undertones provide harmony with the other flavor notes.

With sweet, floral ends which linger for a considerable amount of time, the beer develops some malt flavor, that reminds a traditional English ale as it moves toward the back of the tongue.

Yuengling Traditional Lager is not overly bitter, despite having more flavor. Its IBU is only 12, which is considerably lower than European-style lagers and ales and not much higher than other American beers.

The overall flavor profile of Yuengling is still relatively light, it is much fuller and more balanced than any light beer. You could relax and enjoy a few Yuengling and goes much better in warm weather.

Taste Profile

The sweet taste of the beer nicely balances the bitterness before obscuring it. Any aftertaste is overshadowed by Yuengling Traditional Lager’s delightfully malty, biscuit-like taste.

The slightly cloying sweetness of the Traditional Lager lingers on the palate long after the last swallow.

American Amber Lagers have some recognizable malty and hoppy tastes that is refreshing. The full list of tastes that you can anticipate from a bottle of Yuengling is as follows:

Bitterness Extremely low to moderately high
Hops Very low to medium-high hoppy from cluster hops
Malt Mild to moderately weak malt taste
Carbonation Medium-high carbonation


The brewing process is what gives American lagers exceptional clarity.

As an amber ale, Yuengling Traditional Lager is slightly darker than most other American beers. With a foamy, frothy white head on top, its thick, dark red color looks very alluring in a glass.

The drink generates a little head when poured into a beer glass, and it quickly disappears. The beer below the noggin is a clear, dark red color that immediately reminds one of the autumn leaves.

It has a mild lively exuberance that can become agitated if your beer glass is put down in between sips. The beer is quite appealing and has a rich, stunning copper color.

Overall, a glass of Yuengling Traditional has the following visual qualities:

Color Golden Copper, 9 SRM (Standard Reference Method)
Head Low retention, frothy neck of off-white color
Opacity No chill haze, crystal clear
Lacing Short-lived lacing, impressive


Yuengling is a medium-bodied beer with slightly lighter carbonation because American Amber pilsners have mildly more body because of the greater use of malt.

A simple, light mouthfeel can be found in Yuengling Traditional Lager.

This beer is very simple to drink due to its medium body. Even though Yuengling Traditional Beer has a fair amount of flavor and a fairly dark color, it is not at all full-bodied like some ales or porters.

The medium-light body of Traditional Lager makes it a pleasant beverage to sip, particularly during hot weather. It is still an approachable American lager.

It’s simple to envision oneself sipping Yuengling Traditional Lagers on the balcony on a hot summer day because it isn’t full-bodied enough to cause the dreaded “carpet tongue” following a few glasses.

What Kind of Foods Pair Best with Yuengling?

Many foods that lighter lagers go well with will pair wonderfully with Yuengling. This amber lager can support richer flavors thanks to the heavier malt and hops character.

Foods that are grilled, fried, hot and spicy, and seafood all pair well with Yuengling. Try this with shrimp ceviche made with avocado or tomato, the malty sweet flavor of the lager balances the dish’s spiciness.

The nutty flavor of aged goat cheese pairs well with the cooked caramel malt taste of lager. Alternatively, try a gourmet cheese sandwich with gouda fried in butter onions, and mushrooms.

For a fantastic pairing, look for foods that are salty, hot, or fatty, such as Cheeseburger with caramelized onions and French fries.


American amber lagers have more malt and bitterness than softer lagers, and Yuengling is one of these beers.

Compared to typical lager, this has more complex flavors, but drinkability and a clear, haze-free appearance are still expected to be its top priorities.

As you can see, Yuengling Traditional Lager has a very high average rating of 7.56.  It is positively favorable, with many drinkers praising the beer’s relatively robust, complex flavor.

Some bemoaned the relatively conservative nature of Yuengling Traditional in comparison to other dark beers, like European Vienna lagers.

The majority of beer drinkers, however, value this traditional brew from America’s oldest brewery.



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