What Dr. Pepper Does To Your Stomach?

Dr. Pepper is marketed as a soft drink that has unique flavors. This carbonated drink was made in Waco, Texas by pharmacist Charles Alderton in the 1880s.

It was in Waco, Texas that this drink was first served in a drugstore. It had its first public introduction in the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1904.

The first recipe of Dr. Pepper is closely guarded as a secret. However, the drink is exhibited as a combination of 23 flavors, which includes licorice, cherry, and prune amongst others.

Dr. Pepper’s unique taste is enjoyed by a lot of people but the beverage is not devoid of side effects. There are some negative side effects this drink has on your stomach.

It is a carbonated soft drink and the carbonation causes stomach bloating and gas. The drink also contains sugar which also has some side effects and contributes to stomach troubles.

Other than stomach troubles too much of this drink can cause tooth decay and it also has a chance of making you gain weight.

If you have a tummy upset or you are concerned about the beverage affecting your health, it would be best to speak with a doctor.

Why Does Dr. Pepper Hurt My Stomach 

There are various brands of soda drinks and different options to choose from but when it comes to this Dr. Pepper is a classic soda and a great choice.

But as a soda, it has some side effects Just like any other soda beverage out there when consumed too much it can cause some health issues.

There are instances where people have had stomach upset after taking Dr. Pepper. Although many of these cases are linked to excess consumption of this beverage.

Here are some reasons why you would experience stomach trouble from drinking Dr. Pepper.

It Is A Carbonated Beverage

The beverage has carbonation which has been linked to gas and bloating, which upset the abdomen. Bloating and gas are the common complaints people report after taking this beverage.

It Contains Sugar 

It has a high sugar content and as a result, it can irritate the bacteria in the gut.

Drinking beverages with a high sugar content in excess can cause gastrointestinal issues like stomach pain and diarrhea.

How To Prevent Stomach Upset From Drinking Dr. Pepper

If you take this soda beverage and you get sick from it a lot there are some things you can do to prevent it from happening again.

Drink Moderately

The ingredients in soda can cause health issues when you overindulge in them.

No matter the brand or how delicious it is, if you take too much of it you would run into some troubles.

Avoid Drinking On an Empty Stomach 

Drinking soda when hungry will hurt your stomach due to acidity. Try eating before drinking soda.

To prevent tummy issues avoid drinking this drink or any soda on an empty stomach. Food would help cushion the acidity of the drink and help your tummy.

Take Antacid

If your stomach already hurts from taking soda try taking an over-the-counter medication to get relief. For example, antacids like Rolaids and Tums can help.

So if this is one of your favorite drinks but it keeps making you sick after drinking you can try these remedies. Try reducing the quantity you take and ensure you don’t take it when hungry, try it with a meal.

Food will help cushion the acidity. If you are already sick from it you can take an antacid.

Was Dr. Pepper a Medicine 

It is not a medicine however it did help those who were low in sugar back then. Research done back then revealed that people usually had low sugar at certain times during the day between 10 pm to 4 pm.

As a result, they need sugar and a sugary beverage like this helps to give them the sugar boost they need.

What Does Dr. Pepper Stand For?

The drink was made in a drug store in Waco, Texas. Morrison’s Old Corner.

The drink became popular in 1885 for its unique flavor. The drink was named after Dr. Charles Pepper by Wade Morrison.

As the story goes Dr. Charles Pepper was the father of a woman Morrison once loved.


This is a delicious soft drink and it is widely available in different countries. This carbonated soft drink is popular as it records a high number of sales.

But most of its patrons complain of having an upset stomach after taking this beverage.

This ill feeling people get after taking this beverage can be caused by some of the ingredients used like the artificial sweeteners in the beverage. It could also be caused by the carbonation or other ingredients in the soda.

To avoid having an upset abdomen after taking this, you could drink in moderation and avoid drinking too fast, taking gentle sips at a time. Drinking slowly can help prevent gut troubles.

Another thing you can do to prevent discomfort is to take it with a meal.

Drinking soda when hungry can be dangerous. If you often get sick after taking regular soda you can try switching to a sugar-free or diet version.

This will reduce the amount of sugar and sweeteners you consume. If your gut already hurts after taking this beverage, you can try the following to get relief from your discomfort.

You can try taking milk. A glass of milk would help neutralize stomach acidity.

You can get an over-the-counter drug like an antacid. If you already have stomach trouble an antacid would help relieve stomach acidity.

A cup of tea can also help you feel better by soothing your gut.

If you have tried these home remedies and you still experience pain in your gut after taking this drink, you should consult your doctor. This is because your gut troubles could be a result of a medical condition.

A doctor would make a proper diagnosis and recommend treatment options to make you feel better.



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