What Is the Red Bull Drinking World Record?

Lately, people needed a boost to keep on working around the clock. That is why light beverages like Red Bull have been very popular during the past years.

It’s interesting to know that Red Bull is not just another soft drink. When you drink it, you get many other substances that can benefit or harm your body.

Here is a short list of the ingredients in the Red Bull can that you can see written in the back:

  • Water
  • Sucrose
  • Citric Acid (acts as an acidity regulator)
  • Artificial Flavor
  • Taurine
  • Caffeine
  • Vitamins
  • Artificial Coloring Substances

As you may realize, you get lost in nerve-stimulating agents simply from getting a sip.

Taurine and caffeine are a killing combination for people who want to stimulate their central nervous system.

Let’s take a deep dive into Red Bull technology and see what the world record of consumption in an hour has been recorded in the Guinness Records Index.

What is Red Bull in the First Place?

Red Bull is a sweet and sour-soft drink that is intended for use by adult users.

It was developed in the United States in the late 1990s and still is one of the most popular energy drinks you will find on the market.

It has a high carbonization to offer the best possible burping results when you consume it.

However, people get it for their taurine and caffeine concentrations that go well beyond the safety limit.

FDA has issued a warning for overconsumption of Red Bull and other similar energy drinks.

Under no circumstances should you not mix Red Bull and alcoholic beverages together.

Lately, we have seen some online competitions with Red Bull consumption in a short period of time.

Let’s see what the best way to consume Red Bull is and what is considered to be a warning dose for people who like to drink it regularly.

How Can You Drink Red Bull?

There are many ways to drink Red Bull. First, we need to mention that you can find Red Bull with real sugar or Red Bull with sugar substitutes like aspartame and stevia.

No matter which one you choose, the final effect of the taurine and caffeine mix remains the same.

One of the best ways to drink Red Bull would be after you have eaten something.

Drinking Red Bull with an empty stomach may cause ulcers in a matter of years.

That is because Red Bull facilitates the acidic reactions in your upper gastrointestinal tract.

The best way to have it would be straight and chilled. You may also add some ice to make it dilute a little bit and increase the satisfaction from its sweet and sour taste.

Does Red Bull Have a Bigger Container?

Red Bull is only delivered in 355ml aluminum cans. We have seen some markets with Red Bull 250ml glass bottles.

However, most markets have the traditional 355ml aluminum can that is so easy to find even when you are many feet away from the refrigerator.

Original Red Bull has silver and red colors, and you can have a bluish color when you drink Red Bull with artificial sweeteners.

There is no reason to have a Red Bull with a higher capacity since FDA has approved the 355ml can that has enough taurine and caffeine to stimulate your nervous system for the whole day!

How Can You Drink More than Two Red Bull Cans at a Time?

It is not hard to drink two cans of Red Bull, especially when you are thirsty.

However, most YouTubers who like to accept challenges for drinking excessive amounts of Red Bull can have more than that.

The technique would be to have a light lunch before drinking the Red Bull cans and start placing them in your mouth in large chunks.

The carbon dioxide will have your stomach full of gases, so you need to burp a lot to remove the excess volume and be ready to have the next can of Red Bull drink.

What Is the Current World Record for Red Bull Drinking?

The current world record for drinking Red Bull cans in less than three minutes is eight.

In other words, you can view videos of famous YouTubers who have accepted the challenge and trained their intestine systems to accept Red Bull easier.

However, drinking eight Red Bull cans in less than three minutes means consuming more than two Red Bull in a minute.

That is more than 700ml of Red Bull in a single minute.

You must be really thirsty to do so, and you may have some issues with nerve irritation and stomachache after you have consumed so much Red Bull at once.

Is it Dangerous to Drink Numerous Red Bull Cans Together?

Drinking more than one or two Red Bull cans at once is not recommended. You will have issues with your stomach and your nervous system.

People who receive medications for heart diseases or suffer from liver problems should avoid taking that challenge.

Red Bull has been approved as an energy drink by the FDA only when you follow the right daily dosage and intake.

If you feel dizzy or have a higher heartbeat after drinking Red Bull, you need to call your doctor immediately.

Red Bull challenges often don’t have good results, so you better avoid them.

Our guess is that nobody could drink more than eight Red Bull cans within the first three minutes of the experiment.

That is simply because the stomach cannot empty as quickly to receive more Red Bull and there would be nerve irritation that will cause dizziness.

Final Words

Red Bull is a powerful and tasty energy drink. The best way to drink it is straight and over a period of at least an hour.

That happens to give some time to your body to absorb the taurine and caffeine and get prepared for the next dose.

If you want to break the Red Bull drinking record, you need to be extremely careful, as your body may not respond well.



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