Revealing What Makes IPA Beer So Expensive

In some situations, IPAs are more expensive than a lot of other beer types and there are a couple of reasons why. If you are wondering why you would have to pay extra for this you are not alone.

We carried out research to find out why IPAs are expensive, Read on to find out more.


One major reason why these types of beer are expensive is the ingredients used in the production process. The two main ingredients of this type of beer are hops and malt.


Hops are not abundant in supply and this has made it more expensive since it is not readily available for beer brewers to use.

It takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money and other resources to cultivate them because cultivating them is not easy. It takes a lot of effort and hard work and the crops are only harvested once a year.

Most farmers who engage in hop cultivation have signed contracts with big brewing companies which leaves little for businesses engaged in local production. Since they are limited in supply, the few available ones would be sold at a high rate.

Some types of IPA require a huge amount of hops to achieve its nice aroma and flavor, and the process of growing these crops takes years of work. Since IPA requires a large amount of malt, a huge amount of hops is also needed to add a bitter taste that will balance out the sweetness.

Depending on the brewer, 5 gallons of beer could take as much as 5-15 ounces of hops to prepare. All these requirements make the drink inherently expensive.


IPAs have high ABV, and a lot of malts are required to prepare such beer with high alcohol. This further increases the cost of production. The alcohol in beer is got from malt, and during brewing, sugar is turned into alcohol.

IPAs contain more alcohol than other drinks of its kind because of the large amount of malt used to make it stand out from the others.

This style of drink usually uses up to 15 pounds of malt to create a high alcohol content. The more the malt the more the hops, as more hop is required to balance out the malt further increasing the price.


IPAs are not only expensive they are also ranked as the most popular. It is seen as one of the most ordered craft beers in America.

The demand for it is another reason the price is high because this means more hops and more malt to be able to produce it.

It is the forces of demand and supply at play here. The demand for the drink goes up and so does the demand for hops which is one major ingredient required for production, and the price of the end product goes up for the consumers.

Hence when you visit the taproom you are required to pay more.

Where And How You Buy It

Another reason you might get your IPA for a high price depends on where you made the purchase and the quantity you purchase. Usually, producers give discounts when you buy more than one piece—for example, a pack of 6 costs less per can than a pack of 4.

Craft beer is also more expensive to purchase, but lovers of the craft don’t seem to mind at all, more purchases are still being made daily.


Sometimes the increase in the price of beer is a result of inflation. In recent years the cost of goods has increased and your drink isn’t left out.

Beer can cost between $13 – $27 USD on average depending on the quantity you purchase. The more quantity you buy the less amount you pay per can.

Other factors that can also affect the price are the brand you purchase as some brands tend to go the extra mile in terms of flavor and by implication price as well.

The 4-pack of 12 Oz IPA cost $14 on average, 16 oz cost $17 on average, a 6-pack of 12 oz cost $13 and a 12-pack cost $23.

Where to buy IPA

Although federal laws govern the sales of beer in many states, prices may vary depending on the place you buy them. The cheapest place to purchase IPA are wholesale outlets, their prices are usually cheaper than when you get it from retail outlets like restaurants, bars, and gas stations.

Craft beer is usually more expensive when you buy them from a brewery, this is because apart from the beer you also enjoy a lot more things when you visit the brewery.


Most states have federal laws that regulate the distribution and use of alcohol and that does not exclude the price. If there is an increment it wouldn’t be to rip you off, it must have been due to a factor that would be worth an increment.

For IPAs, the difficulty in cultivating hops and the quantity of malt and hops required to brew it is one of the biggest reasons for its high cost. When you think about its popularity and high demand alongside the difficulty involved in getting its major ingredient the high cost would make sense.

Despite the difference in cost when compared to other beers IPA lovers don’t seem to mind, the demand for this style of beer keeps increasing.

One can safely conclude that the aroma, flavor, and overall experience this beer gives is worth the hike in price. Avid IPA lovers would agree to this.



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