Will IPAs Make You Fat?

Your body fat depends on a whole lot of factors if you are a lover of IPA. The major factors are;

  • The number of beer bottles/can you consume.
  • Your calorie intake.
  • Your activities.
  • The type of IPA

The Number Of Beer Bottles/Can You Consume

It is a fact that drinking a lot of beverages with high alcohol content would cause weight gain. Below are some reasons why;

Alcohol Has High-Calorie Content

Alcohol has as many as 7 calories in one gram. This is high when you compare it to fats which pack 9 calories per gram, and protein which has only 4.

Fats and proteins are nutrients that our bodies need to function, alcohol doesn’t nourish our bodies. This is one reason why a large consumption of alcohol has a great potential of making you gain pounds.

The American IPA has a calorie content of about 190-220 while the average English IPA has 150-210.

A lot of IPA means more calories in your body system and unlike other nutrients, our body doesn’t need it to function. IPAs have more calorie count when compared with other styles of beer, which means it has a higher chance of increasing your body mass.

Alcohol Slows Down Body Metabolism

What this means is that it makes your body burn less fat, and when this happens your body stores more fat rather than burns them, further reducing your chances of losing them.

Alcohol in your system prevents your liver from breaking down fatty acids. Alcohol also causes dehydration which can be a serious health condition.

In general drinking too much IPA would increase your chances of gaining weight.

Your Calorie Intake

Calories in your diet are what causes weight gain. If you want to lose it you must count your calorie intake.

A 12-ounce of this style of beer can contain 200 calories, up to 10 percent of the daily calorie intake for an average person. So you see that drinking multiple bottles in a day would make you gain weight in the long run.

How Many Calories Should You Consume

There are a lot of factors that determine the number of calories an individual should take in a day.

Some of these factors are the age of the individual, height, and sex of the individual. The level of activity work and lifestyle of the individual also matters when it comes to counting calories.

These days there are some ways one can find out about this online, you can use the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

According to FDA, 2000 calories a day is generally accepted for the average woman, while men should take in 2500 per day.

It is a fact that alcohol can be a major cause of weight gain since it keeps your liver busy and reduces its ability to burn fat. But there are other components of your diet that are also supplying calories to your body.

If you want to lose weight it is advisable to remove empty calories from your diet, for example, soda.

You can limit the amount of soda you consume, as well as the amount of alcohol you drink. You should also watch out for any other empty calories.

This may be sad for an IPA lover but the truth is if you intend to lose weight you should also not overindulge in IPA.

Your Activities

Another thing that can contribute to an excess amount of fat in the body is your activity level. Apart from calorie intake, the number of calories you burn per day also determines your weight gain.

Those who engage in a heavy bodily activity like athletes would burn more. Living a sedentary lifestyle can cause you to pack up pounds and also cause other health concerns like high blood pressure.

Not all of us are athletes or are involved in jobs that require a high level of physical activity. For persons in this category, it is advisable to have a regular exercise routine to help you burn fat.

If you must consume IPA and not gain extra weight, you would need to use the gym. Regular exercises have a lot more other benefits than helping you lose some pounds.

If you can get involved in regular work out you would be able to enjoy your beer without worries about the aftermath.

The Type of IPA

Some beer styles have more ingredients than others. If you are worried about weight gain you should pay attention to the style and ingredients in the beer you consume, some brands of beer may cause you to gain more weight, and some IPA styles are;

Double IPAs

This type of IPA is brewed with a large number of hops and malt which makes it stronger than the regular. It is double hopped thereby increasing the alcohol content, and by implication the calories in it.

It usually has around 10% ABV and a bottle of this can have up to 300 calories, needless to say, if you are watching your weight this isn’t a good choice.

This type of drink usually has stronger flavors, aroma, and bitter taste, and it is greatly popular.

This style of beer usually has more alcohol content higher than your average beer which makes them very strong.


This type of beer is low in calories, they are also low in alcohol the average hazy IPA has 4% ABV.

If you are a lover of beer and you intend to shed some pounds this would be a good choice.


Apart from alcohol this style of beer also contains other ingredients like unfermented sugar that can increase your weight.

That being said you can still lose weight while drinking IPA, you just have to do the following;

  • Drink in moderation
  • Increase your activity level (exercise regularly)
  • Drink brands with less alcohol content (check labels for this)
  • Count your calorie intake.

Thankfully you don’t have to give up your beloved beer all you need is some adjustments, and you can still have fun with your favorite beer.



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