What to Wear as a Bartender?

If you are reading this article right now, chances are you are on the first day of your job, now standing before your wardrobe, unable to decide on what you have to do.

Being a bartender is not just about mixing drinks. Of course, that is going to make up for a major chunk of your job, but like any other job, it does not end there.

Bartending is all about service and hospitality, and the more approachable you look, the better your job.

Knowing how to dress as a bartender is more about knowing what not to wear along with what to do. So, read on and walk with us as we will tell you all you have to do.

A Little Professional, A Little Stylish

There you are. You see, dressing up for work as a bartender is all about coming up with the right combination of professionalism and style.

True, this is your job, and you’ve got to remember to dress according to it, and yet at the same time, do not forget that you are going to work at a place where there are people coming to the party and are not going to like to see someone dressed like he’s at a nine to five, would he?

So, be professional, and dress like you are going to work. Make sure that you look nice and sophisticated and yet, at the same time, not too formal. Keep it fun, for that is what it is with a bartender’s work.

No White Please

We spoke about professionalism above, and so just so you don’t go over the board, we are here to give you a little reminder.

Set apart all that is white in your wardrobe, and do not mix them with your work clothes from today. Understood?

We are not heading for a family function or a day at the office, so keep it smart and stylish.

That’s right. Think black; it’s smart, sophisticated, and stylish.

But Black’s Not All

And wait, before you fill your wardrobe with clothes that make it one black heap, you also need to remember that as a bartender, black is not the only option you have with colors.

As a bartender, you can also experiment with shades like dark maroon, navy blue, and other dark shades of green, purple, and brown too. After all, you want to have fun dressing up to work each day, don’t you?

Stay away from too many shades of yellow, orange, and bright red, as they can draw too much attention to you.

Keep it dark, and it can never go wrong for you.

How Professional Should I Be?

The bottom, the top, and the shoes. Read on as we go about with each of them, showing you what you have to do.

What About the Bottom?

We’re glad you came to that. This is one of the most important things to pay attention to as a bartender, after your shoes.

The right pants can make you look and feel sophisticated at your work; anything that is too tight or uncomfortable can be a pain to work with.

While we are not here to recommend baggy jeans or track pants, we do like to remind you that the pants you wear need to be comfortable.

And yes, do pay attention to the color. Keep it dark. As a bartender, your attire works best with dark bottoms, be it a skirt or a pair of trousers that you choose to wear.

No shorts, please. Reserve them for your weekend trips or a day with friends at the beach. Dresses will do, as long as they are not white and don’t come with too many pretty flowers on them.

Now What About the Top?

As a bartender, here’s the secret and the key. Wear clothes that are collared.

They are enough to make a good impression and let everyone around know that the place has a bartender who takes his job seriously.

A button-down shirt is one of the best options, especially for men. Women can also experiment with blouses.

In fact, blouses, when well chosen and worn over the right pair of trousers and shoes, can make for the best and most presentable outfit as a bartender.

What’s With the Shoes?

As a bartender, you are not going to have people all day staring at your shoes, but you would also be aware of the age-old saying that you can tell a lot about a man (or woman) by the look of his shoes and here too this can hold true.

So, rule number one do not reveal your toes. In other words, no slip-ons or flip-flops; keep it formal.

Peep-in toes will do, as long as you make sure that your nails are polished and presentable now that they can be seen from your shoes.

Now, covering your toes does not make sneakers the best option. Try to go for more formal shoes.

To sum up, we can say that a pair of formal black shoes are the best for a bartender who wants to make the right impression with his/her shoes.

Comfort is Still the Key

While it is true that being a bartender is all about making a tired customer who comes to you at the end of the day for a drink feel good, it is important that you be comfortable too.

It is impossible to please lines of men and women with a smile on your face, with a shoe bite on your toes, and a top that needs to be adjusted all day.

So, while it may be a little offensive to come to work with the same jeans you wear to the market, it is still important that you set aside a comfortable set of clothes for a job like this where you are going to be on your feet almost all day.

Finally, Wear Your Attitude!

Now that you are ready to get your wardrobe set, let’s end this with a last word of advice before you leave.

True, a bartender’s job can come with its own challenges, and your schedule can sometimes get way too hectic.

And yet, despite all this, the secret to a successful job here depends on one thing you’ve got to wear, and that is a smile on your face, without which all your efforts from head to toe could end up going to waste.

So, all the best, and make sure that it’s always there.



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