7 Healthiest Sodas You Should Drink

Are you considering buying a healthy soda? With so many options in the market, is it confusing to find the right one?

If yes, then look no further. In this article, our focus will be on providing you with some of the healthiest sodas. Keep reading!

What is Soda?

You have been drinking soda for so long. Right? Have you ever read about the nutrition table on the can?

Soda is also known as a soft drink. It contains carbonated water with sugar, sweetness, and flavoring.

Well! The sweetness and flavoring agents can be artificial or natural.

These soft drinks differ from the hard ones as they don’t contain alcohol.

What’s the Difference Between Soda and Diet Soda?

You might have heard people bragging, “Oh! I drink diet soda only”. Have you ever wondered what diet soda is?

How’s diet soda different from regular one? Let’s find out!

Both the sodas are more or less the same except for the sugar. Yes! Diet sodas don’t have sugar.

But wait! It doesn’t mean they are healthy.

Diet sodas contain many artificial sweeteners, which give them a sugary taste. Both regular and diet sodas are unhealthy options to stick to.

Still, some sodas are relatively less unhealthy. Let’s find out more about such sodas!

7 Healthiest Sodas for You to Drink

Are you curious to know about healthy sodas? Your wait is over!

Here’s the list for you to read.

1. Sprite

You are already well aware of it, right? But have you ever studied any literature on the drink?

If not, read this out!

Sprite is a lemon-lime soda product of the World’s leading beverage company, Coca-Cola. The product first hit the market in 1961.

It’s considered one of the healthiest sodas because it doesn’t have artificial coloring. Do you know the cons of artificial coloring?

Research shows its association with cancers. Yes, consuming drinks with artificial colors puts you in serious trouble.

Sprite is also a non-caffeinated drink. If you want to have a non-caffeinated soda, the sprite is the best option to go with.

2. 7 Up

Another perfect winter treat for the scorching summer heat is 7 Up. With no artificial colors or caffeine, it’s one of the best drinks.

Unlike many other sodas, 7 Up has fewer calories and sugar. It’s comparatively safe for your teeth’s enamel.

Still, we recommend you drink only a little of it.

3. Sierra Mist

Sierra Mist is another lemon-lime soda that many of you love a lot. It’s a product of PepsiCo, introduced in 1999.

Do you know the nutritional profile of Sierra Mist? A single can of this limy soda has 35 mg of sodium, 37 g of carbohydrates, and 140 calories of energy.

The calories in it are quite less than both 7 Up and sprite. Hence, it’s much healthier.

However, it doesn’t mean you keep on drinking Sierra Mist daily. If you have diabetes, better that you avoid it.

4. Seagram’s Ginger Ale

Ahh, Ginger ale! An odd name in the list of sodas. But don’t worry, guys! It’s not a mistake.

Ginger ale is a soda originally produced by the Seagram company. But now, the production rights belong to the well-reputed Coca-Cola company.

Chilled ginger ale is a perfect drink to beat the summer heat. Do you know what a can of ginger ale provides you?

A single can have only 130 calories, 10 less than Sierra Mist. It also contains 34 g of carbohydrates.

But it also has a bad side too. Do you know what it is?

It’s sodium. Yes, Seagram’s ginger ale has a high level of sodium, i.e. 40 mg.

That’s why overconsumption causes high blood pressure and heart disease. If you want less sodium drink, go for sprite or 7 Up.

5. Poppi

Poppi is a prebiotic soda with a lot of health benefits. Wait! Do you know what prebiotics is?

Prebiotics are non-digestible parts of the food you consume daily. They boost the growth of intestinal microorganisms.

A single can of poppi has 5 g of sugar and 25 calories of energy. Besides, it also improves gut health and takes your immunity to the next level.

With 90% less sugar than other sodas, Poppi is an ideal summer drink.

6. Wave Soda

Are you looking for a caffeinated soda? Wave soda is your perfect partner.

It comes in various flavors with varying amounts of sugar, usually 2-6 g, depending upon the flavor. Besides, the soda has 85 % sparkling water, 42 mg of natural caffeine, and 15 % fruit juice.

Moreover, a single serving has just 15 to 25 calories making it a healthy option.

7. Live Soda

Are you in search of a zero-calorie soda? Live Soda would be the best pick for you.

It’s loaded with probiotics. If you need to learn probiotics, let’s explain them to you!

Probiotics are live bacteria. No, No! They won’t harm you.

Instead, they are healthy bacteria that, when consumed, impact many health effects. Apart from them, monk fruit makes the soda naturally sweet.

Moreover, the soda has no caffeine, artificial dyes, or added sugars. All these characteristics put live soda on the list of healthy sodas.

Sodas That Are Bad for Your Health

Now that you are familiar with many healthy sodas, it won’t be fair. Here’s a list of all the unhealthy sodas you consume without knowing their health hazards.

  1. Pepsi
  2. Coca-Cola
  3. Diet cola
  4. Grape Fanta

All these drinks contain artificial dyes and also have detrimental effects on your teeth’s enamel.

Final Thoughts on Soda

Soda, a soft drink, is made of carbonated water with artificial or natural sweeteners. Some also have artificial dyes to make them more visually fascinating.

Though many soft drinks are available in the market, all are not equally healthy.  Some contain artificial sweeteners, while others have dyes that increase the chances of cancer.

If you are searching for healthy soda, buy one from the abovementioned list.



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