Where Can I Buy Don Q 151 Rum?

It is not without reason that Don Q has already won quite a couple of awards to date, including a silver medal at the Madrid International conference. In fact, this is known for being one of the most overproof rums you can find in the world.

A blend of both light and dark rum, this one is known for its rich notes that often consist of caramel, vanilla, and smoke, providing a warm and spicy finish that stays rich on one’s palette.

However, if you are reading this right now, you are troubled by the big question in your mind. Where can I buy Don Q 151 rum now that it is no longer available from Bacardi? Well, read on.

Can You Still Purchase 151 Rum?

Sadly Bacardi 151 was discontinued back then in 2016, so it’s been some time since we have not had it around.

Although, one can still find various other brands that still serve overproof rum today and so you can still purchase 151 rum.

Why Was 151 Discontinued?

Bacardi 151 was discontinued after a metal flame protector was found to be built into the lid, and here’s hoping that this won’t be the case with the other brands too.

This means to say that the drink was found to be highly flammable and hence dangerous, which meant the wisest thing to do was to discontinue it instead.

Apart from the flame protector, the bottle also had a warning regarding its flammability on the front label, so it was that the drink was discontinued.

However, if you still like Bacardi, there are other kinds of rum that one still finds on the list. It’s just that 151 is not a part of it.

Who Makes Don Q 151?

Don Q is a Puerto Rican rum that is distilled by Distelliera Serralles in Puerto Rico. It goes through an aging process of three years, which is enough to make it the well-rounded drink that it is today.

It gets its name from the novel Don Quixote, a literary character that goes in search of a perfect world.

That said, this is one of the best-known rums in Puerto Rico and also one of the most consumed of all rums in the United States.

Is Don Q 151 Discontinued?

Bacardi 151 is discontinued but not Don Q 151. The drink is available in quantities that include 75ml and one liter, too, so you can buy the one that seems suitable for you.

As a drink, it is bright and clear with a light gold color, more like amber syrup. On sipping it, you will be happy to find notes of honey, vanilla, and cinnamon.

A few other notes that you will find are that of cane syrup, nutmeg, and even dates. Yet, the drink is not very sweet but rather a mellow one on the palette as well as on the nose, and this is why it is a favorite of so many, including you.

No, Don Q 151 is not discontinued, and you can enjoy all of the above today too.

Is Don Q 151 and Bacardi 151 the Same?

While it is sad that Bacardi 151, which was once in great demand, is no more around, you still have Don Q 151, which serves as a replacement and an alternative for it, finding its way into one of the most top-shelf liquors around, and here you are, wanting to try it too.

It didn’t take long for this drink to soon make up for what everyone misses in Bacardi, and now that you learned about it, you can get it too.

How Much Is A Bottle Of Don Q 151?

The price of a bottle of Don Q 151 can vary anywhere from $22 to $400, so this means that the price range is vast. You need to be careful about where you buy it from, and the price does matter to you.

One of the best ways to do this is to go online, where you can buy the drink from a reputable seller who will offer a fair price to you.

This way, you can easily compare a wide range of prices online and go for the one that comes with the best price.

How Strong Is Don Q 151

Don Q 151 is an overproof rum, and so without beating around the bush, one can easily conclude that the rum is strong, in fact, very strong.

In fact, this is one of the fieriest spirits that you can try out, which is not really recommended for a first-timer.

To be precise, the rum has a high alcohol content of 75 percent, unlike most other rums that come with an alcohol of 40 percent.

If you are someone who has never tried rum till now and are yet curious to know about the Don Q 151 rum, a sip is all you should take and nothing more than this.

What Can I Substitute For 151 Rum?

151 rum is still available from other brands. However, if, for some reason, you are looking for a substitute, you can try Smith and Cross, Gosling’s Black Seat, Wray and Nephew, and Pusser’s Overproof Navy Rum.

All these are, in some ways, good substitutes for Don Q 1515 rum which means you can go for them instead.

Is Don Q Better Than Bacardi

Now that you finally came to the conclusion that Don Q 151 is the best replacement for the long-gone Bacardi 151, you are left with the final question of whether it is as good.

Don’t worry, for Don Q is as renowned as Bacardi, and so this brand, too, is not going to disappoint you. In fact, Don Q comes with a flavor that is smoother and a taste profile that is much more complex, so much so that you are sure to forget that Bacardi once had 151 rum.

Now, go ahead and buy your first bottle of Don Q rum.



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