Which Gatorade Has No Dye?

Gatorade sports drink has a lot of different flavors you can choose from. You can choose one based on how delicious it is, you could also decide to choose one based on how safe it is for your health.

The company uses dye for some of its products but some others are free of it. One way to know if a product contains dye or not is to check the product label on the bottle.

And another reliable way is to check the color of the drink, the clear light colored ones are usually the ones that are free of dye. The colours are clear because no artificial colouring has been added, the more dark coloured ones are usually the ones that contain colorings.

To find out more about Gatorade products that have been confirmed to contain artificial colours and those that are free of them, read on.

Gatorade That Is Dye-Free

Gatorade is advertised as a beneficial sports drink for those who exercise or engage in other high physical activities. Its many various flavors provide a wide range of options for consumers, and a good number of Gatorade flavors have artificial dyes.

However, some health-conscious people still want to benefit from the rich flavor of the drink. But, they don’t want to suffer the consequences of artificial dyes. To appeal to such customers, Gatorade now makes a dye-free version of this drink.

People are now more aware of the potential health dangers associated with consuming artificial dyes and this has been a source of concern. Even if there is no proven evidence of that fact yet, some studies have shown that consuming artificial dyes can cause health-related issues like ADHD and cancer.

Hence a lot of people are cutting off drinks and food that contain dyes. This dye-free Gatorade is a way to appeal to more customers who want dye-free products.

A Lot of beverage companies have also copied this trend of not including coloring in their products. Customers who have concerns about dyes in their drinks are now provided with more options.

Gatorade Without Dye Options

This drink is a brightly colored sports drink. However, some people have reservations about food and drinks that contain artificial dyes for reasons best known to them.

That being said, the dye-free Gatorade is not as popular and widely available as the regular ones that contain dyes.

The company’s products that contain dyes still have wide patronage, this is because they have more attractive colors than the regular ones and are more visually appealing. These dyes give the drinks more bright colors than those that are free of artificial colors.

The beverages without artificial colors are not as brightly colored as the ones with artificial colors. Hence some consumers prefer the brightly colored ones with dyes to the less bright ones without colourings, not minding the health implications.

However the company uses a little amount of colouring in its products compared to others, the company uses dyes that are approved for food and drinks by the FDA.

The company follows the FDA guidelines for the use of dyes in food and drinks, and only uses small amounts. But, people still have concerns about the artificial coloring in its products.

If you are one of such persons who have such concerns there are some options available for you, you may choose from the following option;

  • Ice Punch
  • Glacier Cherry
  • G Organic

Is There Dye In Gatorade Zero?

Gatorade Zero is a sports drink that is sugar-free. It is a healthy option for those with sugar concerns. But it contains dyes and artificial sweeteners and health-conscious people have raised concerns about this.

So the answer is yes, there is food dye in the Gatorade Zero. This particular type contains synthetic dyes that are also used in cosmetics as well as food. It contains yellow 6, yellow 5, and blue 1.

Although the FDA has approved these colorings as safe for food, drinks, and cosmetics, some people still consider them unhealthy. This is because some studies have shown that they are linked to diseases such as cancer.

If you are one of such persons who is concerned about the coloring content try the dye-free ones like;

  • Ice Punch (View on Amazon)
  • Glacier Cherry (View on Amazon)
  • G Organic (View on Walmart)

Which Gatorade Does Not Have Red Dye?

Generally, the clear ones don’t have red dyes. There are a lot of clear ones you can choose from, like lemon-lime which doesn’t have red colouring, and frost as well doesn’t have it.

If you are worried about red dye, always read the labels to confirm.

Is There A Natural Version Of Gatorade?

There is a Gatorade that is considered natural. That is coconut water, the coconut water is considered natural because it is high in electrolytes, potassium, and magnesium.

And it is also very hydrating and can work well during exercise and camping trips. It can also solve dehydration caused by diarrhea.


This is a drink that is made to hydrate sports people and boost hydration as well as replenish electrolytes during sports. It has a lot of flavors, giving you a variety of options to choose from but be mindful of the artificial coloring in most of these flavors.

Although colour are considered harmful to humans, the company still includes them in the ingredients for a reason, which is to visually appeal to customers. They are used to create special colors in the drinks and further enhance their character.

These dyes help to further regulate the color of the beverage creating a more uniform appearance in terms of color.

However some people don’t mind the color appearance of the drink, they would rather consume what they consider healthy. And dyes are not one such thing.

If you are a lover of this beverage but looking for dye-free ones you can choose from these options: Glacier Cherry, G Organic, Ice Punch and have yourself a nice healthy sports drink.



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