Why Do Whiskey Glasses Have Thick Bottoms?

You don’t have to be a whiskey drinker to observe that this drink is, unlike beer, which is served in a huge glass keg, served in a more sophisticated glass that is smaller.

Another common fact is that these glasses are designed with thick bottoms. That brings us to the big question on your mind.

Why do whiskey glasses have thick bottoms?

A person seeing this for the first time would assume durability to be the reason. So, if you are one of them, read on to know what the answer really is.

What’s The Real Reason?

Yes, in a way, you were right. The thick bottom of a whiskey glass does make the glass more durable. Observe how hard a person slams down the glass after a whiskey shot, and yet, you would be thankful for its thick bottom and durability.

But it doesn’t end there. This thick bottom that you see serves yet another purpose, which we shall now see.

See, the thing about whiskey is its temperature, and a change in temperature can cause an impact on the flavor, and this can happen when the temperature of your hand penetrates through the glass to warm up the whiskey in it.

Yes, this can happen in the case of whiskey, and hence, observe the glass that it is enjoyed with, and you will find that it does not just come with a thick bottom but is generally thick all over.

The main reason for this is to maintain the temperature of the liquid.

Now, you may think that this shouldn’t matter considering the ice that you have added to your drink, but then, here’s the thing. It’s going to take time for the ice to melt, within which the temperature of your hand (and especially if it’s a hot day) can do its work and mess up your drink.

Thicker the Bottom, The Better Your Cocktail!

Additionally, there’s another benefit of thick-bottomed whiskey glasses. They serve as the perfect container in which one can prepare his cocktails.

You do enjoy this once in a way, don’t you? This way, the non-liquid ingredients will sit in a more stable way and provide a more effective garnish to your drink.

This is because a cocktail is a drink that is prepared by the process of muddling, with different ingredients going into the drink, and so, all the better to have a glass that cooperates and does not spoil the fun of mixing your drink.

We need a glass that is sturdy and will put up with your excitement without crashing in the process to spoil your floor, your drink, and your evening.

So, go on, and add all that you want. Enjoy your cocktail and, with that, the rest of your evening.

A Thick Bottom Accepts Your Whiskey On the Rocks

Now, for those who don’t know, bourbon is a kind of whiskey that contains 51 percent corn. Scotch, on the other hand, is a kind of whiskey that is made from malted barley.

Either way, whiskey is a full-bodied drink, with all the color and smokey feel, and the glass that one chooses to enjoy it in can greatly add to the overall impact and appeal of your drink.

While it would be safe to drink in a tumbler of plastic or stainless steel, a whiskey drinker would tell you how it would differ from the whiskey glass that he would otherwise choose for his drink.

And this is why whiskey is normally served in hand-blown glasses that are specially produced to enhance one’s experience of the drink.

Additionally, we don’t have to remind you that both of these drinks are often served on the rocks, do we?

Now, you can only imagine what a soft and brittle glass would do to your drink because here, we are not talking about small bits of ice cubes that we normally pour into a glass of Coca-Cola or any such soft drink.

We are talking huge chunks of ice, for this is whiskey, and this is how some prefer to enjoy this drink.

Doesn’t It Simply Feel Good?

It looks like the one who designed glasses for whiskey knew what he was doing, and if you are someone who has used a whiskey glass, you will know what we are talking about.

Something about those thick bottoms makes a whiskey glass very comfortable to hold, especially in social gatherings where you’ll be walking around with your drink.

And then, it looks good, too, in a way magnifying the whiskey inside and adding to the elegance of this dark and richly colored drink.

Now, this is not something that you would enjoy with a glass of whiskey served in a tumbler or a teacup, would you?

If you are still not convinced, try it tonight and serve yourself in your morning tea cup. Now see if your whiskey is as enjoyable as it otherwise is.

Stability and Fun Are Why Thick Bottoms Are Needed For Whiskey

In short, we can say that a whiskey glass is one that is specially designed to be highly stable for that kind of drink. Serve it in a champagne flute, and you are going to have a disaster with it.

A whiskey glass is designed to let the drinker swirl, twirl, and enjoy his drink, hence the short stem and hefty base, all of which are done keeping in mind accidents that would otherwise come from enjoying this drink.

And then, let’s not forget the final fact that it makes your drink more beautiful, and you feel good as you hold the glass in your hand to take occasional sips of your drink.

In the end, whiskey can’t be enjoyed in a coffee mug or vice versa, for there are glasses that are meant to go with each drink.



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