Why Does Beer Explode in the Freezer?

If you are reading this right now, chances are you left a pack of six beers in the freezer for a little too long and had a horrible day cleaning up, in addition to now enjoying a poor-quality beer.

And now you want to know the answer to the question: why does beer explode in the freezer?

Well, we have the answers here, so read on so that by the end, you will know why that happened, and also, be careful the next time.

What Actually Happened to My Beer?

So, here’s the thing. Beer contains water. While most of you already know this, students of science would also know that molecules in water float randomly, forming in the process, loose bonds of hydrogen, bonds that spread out and give rise to several more bonds in the process.

Leave this to freeze, and these bonds let the water expand, and this is what happens with this water in the brew when left to freeze.

It causes the beer to expand by nine percent, thus causing the can to burst.

Hope this explains why they heard the sudden pop sound the last time that frightened them.

What happened in the process is that the cans got fractured due to pressure from the chilled beer built up in the bottle leaving all that beer to ooze out, unless the beer that you bought came in cans made with a superior manufacturing design, which is probably not the case right now, or you wouldn’t be reading this article to know why.

From all this, there is one thing you need to know. The freezing point of beer is 28 degrees, which takes at most 90 minutes, after which the ice crystals that have formed will burst the bottle open, as it will take up more space in the bottle.

Of course, there are exceptions, like the kind of beer, because the higher the alcohol content, the more time is required for it to freeze, so if this is your cause of worry right now, read on as we show you some ways to go about with it.

How Long Can I Freeze My Beer?

Coming to the big question. Now, while many of you are out there making a mental note to never do that again, we are here to tell you that freezing your can of beer is totally fine, as long as you are well aware of the time.

In other words, leaving a pack of beer cans in the freezer before you head for a bath, fry your sausages, and set up the place before you invite your friends is perfectly fine as long as you remember to get the cans out just in time.

In other words, ninety minutes in the freezer is totally fine to give you a pack of beers that are chilled and inviting to promise your friends and you a good time.

You heard it right. 90 minutes. Don’t get it all wrong and mess up this second time.

Consider A Beer Fridge

Here’s another solution for those of you (and we know that many of you) who are too scared to do it the next time.

Consider a beer fridge; it will never give you the kind of problem you faced last time because the temperature is more customized here.

If you can’t afford one this time, go for an ice bucket, another safer option and more convenient as it is safer, even if your beer stays there for a longer time.

All you have to do is place some ice in a bucket in which you can place your bottles of beer to chill in time.

For the best results, consider adding salt to the ice in the bucket, as this speeds up the cooling process, and you are ready to start the party.

Can I Drink The Beer That Has Exploded?

Okay, so what do we do about this time, for no one likes beer going wasted, do we?

So, can you drink the little beer that fortunately remained? Yes and no. It depends. It’s a definite no if it was not in the can because the only thing next is that your beer is a bottle. Don’t take a chance. Throw it away, and we’ll party next time.

Now, what about the beer in the can? Well, you got a little lucky this time, so leave it to thaw before you can have it with your friends.

We’re saying ‘little lucky’ because here’s the bad news. Your beer will not be as enjoyable as the last time when you did not have all this mess with the cans.

This is mainly because the beer has now lost a good amount of carbonation and is thus going to seem flat and dry. The frozen beer has, in time, lost a good amount of protein and, with that, some of the yeast cells.

Basically, just to let you know, because some of you left the beer to freeze, thinking it would get better the colder it gets.

Well, now you know better but for now, look at the bright side. You still have something to enjoy with your friends from the remaining cans as you sit together to enjoy the big match.

So, smile.

Final Words: Why Does Beer Explode In the Freezer?

However, don’t let this get you all upset. The beer left for a while in the freezer to chill is totally fine. So, go ahead and do that if you just bought a pack and have friends coming over in a while.

But then, remember what happened the last time. So, don’t get too lost in frying the sausages and the barbecue to forget the beer that you left in the freezer.

We don’t want to spoil it for us this time.



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