Why Does Whiskey Make You Warm?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of having something on a cold day? No, don’t say soup, and play safe. We saw how most of you picturized a tumbler of whiskey, perhaps served with your favorite meat.

Whiskey on a cold day can make a perfect evening. But why does whiskey make you warm, and what are its special powers hidden it?

Read on as we tell you all about it.

The Power Of Whiskey

So, what happens with whiskey is that it starts to work on your blood vessels, dilating them to the extent that it rushes to your skin’s surface to give you the warmth that you finally feel.

In the process, you have a greater amount of oxygen that will now flow freely throughout your body.

As a result, you will soon have membranes in your body that start fighting off the infection that would otherwise make its way into it.

Fighting Cold With Whiskey

What also happens is that your nasal cavity has become warmer, thus saving you from the congestion you normally feel in the cold season, which makes you unable to breathe, leaving you with a cold.

So, you see, whiskey can be a lifesaver when you are on the threshold of having to enter the office the next day with a handkerchief constantly on your nose.

Or even better, it can be your leave saver, sparing you from spending a day or two in bed to having a couple of days canceled from the Christmas leaves you are trying so hard to get.

Replacing the Steamer With Whiskey

Enjoying a glass of whiskey on a cold day is like spending some time clearing your nose by inhaling steam.

Now, which of the above would you choose? Obviously, the latter, wouldn’t you? For anyone would prefer to sit down with a tumbler of smokey whiskey than that punishing moment of being bent over a container of steaming water, towel wrapped around the head and all.

So, drinking whiskey on a cold day is one of the best ways to warm up your skin and nose. If you are shivering and wheezing right now, go ahead and have a glass. It will do a world of good to your body and your nose.

In other words, a glass of whiskey is, at the moment, what your immune system needs.

Now For the Precautions

But then again, don’t get fooled, for like every other drink, whiskey comes with its limitations. So, don’t be one of those cravers using the benefits of whiskey as your excuse to drink.

In addition to that, some people cannot drink whiskey.

Expecting Mothers

For one, whiskey is not for expectant mothers. We’re hoping you knew that already, but just in case you didn’t, do not force that shivering mother at a party to have a drink. Give her a muffler and a bowl of soup instead, and she is going to feel warmer and more grateful.


Heart Patients

And next comes the heart patients. Whiskey is a no-no to them, so don’t waste your time and effort convincing them to have a glass. And more importantly, don’t contribute to ruining your health, or you may be sorry instead.

Don’t advise whiskey for anyone who has been advised not to have alcohol, for one of the strongest alcohols that you can find is whiskey. If someone says no, assume that the above are some of the reasons and do not force them to go ahead.

If they’re shivering, give them something hot to drink instead, like a cup of hot coffee. Now, how’s that for a drink? So, whiskey is not the only way to keep warm on a cold day. These are some drinks that they can go for instead.

The Vaccinated

And oh, yeah, one shouldn’t forget this today. Please do not go ahead and grab that glass of whiskey if you have recently taken a vaccine. One should be aware of the harm that comes from not being careful with this today.

In any case, you should have been at home taking precautions and resting and not out there partying. We wonder what you are doing at a party with drinks served then.

At the end of the day, we are trying to say that while whiskey can keep you warm, this is not really the medicine you should consider it to be, but alcohol that has to be consumed with caution and care.

So, if someone’s not a whiskey drinker and they are not up for this drink, do not find ways to convince them, as this can lead you to regret it in the long run.

The Truth About Whiskey

And then, before we leave you, we have a word of advice for you too, and that is about the truth about whiskey.

You see, this drink is not really warming your body but merely reducing your core temperature. And so, while you may not really shiver, your body is still getting colder and not warmer, and this, in the long run, is using up all the stored energy and losing heat instead.

And so again, if you choose to drink some whiskey on a cold day, remember that it should be at your discretion and good judgment.

Count As You Drink

A glass with a decent amount would be fine, but using the cold as an excuse to make up for the guilt that you feel each time you are tempted to reach out for another glass and another and another is, well, just doing what you shouldn’t.

And that was something that was already in the back of your mind, wasn’t it?

Well then, let’s behave like mature adults and not like little kids fighting for another chocolate. Remember that what you are dealing with here is an alcoholic drink that, when not enjoyed in moderation, can do harm to your body instead.

We said what we should, and now the rest is up to you. Enjoy your drink, and have a good evening ahead.



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