Why Is There a Shortage of Distilled Water in Stores?

Covid-19 has a great impact on distilled water shortage. As lockdowns expanded, many factories were shut down. As a result, a few goods are still in short supply because demand exceeds supply.

The supply chain is a major barrier to the distribution of distilled water to consumers. There are issues with the number of plastic bottles produced to grab the liquid.

Another element that influences the availability of this kind of water is labor shortages. Dentists, physicians, laboratories, and even a few people at home use the product.

Distilled water is also used to brew beer. Although the nutrients required by the yeast to transform the ingredients in water are lacking in distilled water. If you use it, you must add the right amount of minerals.

Unfortunately, there is a shortage of distilled water right now. Continue reading to find out more about water shortage and how to make a few at home.

What Is Distilled Water?

Let’s review what distilled water is before we go into great detail about its scarcity.

By distilling ordinary water, we can create distilled water. Water is transformed into vapors and then droplets through the process of distillation.

Through evaporation and condensation, the natural process of distillation separates impurities from water.


By continuously heating something to the boiling point, we can make it evaporate. At a temperature of 100 °C, water starts to turn into gaseous vapor.

Since each substance has a unique boiling temperature, we can use evaporation to separate water from different contaminants and necessary minerals.

We can gather the evaporated water vapors in different containers.


The process of turning vapors back into a liquid is called condensation. The water vapors that have evaporated can be condensed by cooling them.

These vapours condense into water droplets that are simple to collect in a different container. Water droplets are gathered and then distilled.

The purest water is distillate because it doesn’t contain any impurities or necessary minerals.

What’s Causing the Distilled Water Shortage?

The shortage of purified bottled water started almost five years ago. Distilled water was not an exception of the pandemic affected the distribution network for most consumer goods.

The rate of production and distribution of distilled bottled water was significantly impacted by the labor shortage and travel restrictions. Many people started stockpiling bottles of filtered water.

The followings are the factors contributing to the shortage of distilled water in stores.

Excessive Demand

Due to its many uses and advantages, distilled water is in high demand. To meet the high demand, people regularly stock distilled water, which makes it challenging.

Since hospitals and clinics are given preference when purchasing distilled water, it is even more challenging for most people to obtain it.

Complicated Storage

The purity of distilled water is guaranteed by proper storage. Water shouldn’t be kept in the open because it is easily contaminated by the environment.

You shouldn’t use flimsy storage containers because the minerals in the materials may dissolve in the water and lessen their purity. Massive volumes of distilled water are difficult to transport and store.

Water companies spend the majority of their time and effort on the packaging because they need to make sure they aren’t contaminating it, another reason for the shortage of distilled water.


Distilled water is a powerful sterilizer, it was frequently used when there was a coronavirus lockdown. People use distilled water because studies suggested distilled water effectively sanitizes used masks.

People quickly removed distilled water from store shelves and pharmacy shelves after realizing its ability to protect against viral and bacterial contamination, which led to a rapid depletion of the stock.

Sluggish Production

Companies couldn’t resume producing large amounts of distilled water as they weren’t prepared for the surge in customers who purchased the majority of the available supply during the lockdowns.

Distilled water does not require a strenuous amount of work to prepare, but it is very challenging to keep it stored properly and maintain its purity.

Water companies and labs faced challenges because they couldn’t produce distilled water as quickly as the public required it due to the never-ending high demand and unexpectedly quick purchase of it.

Obsessive Hoarding

Hoarding during the shutdown is the main factor contributing to the shortage of distilled water in stores. When Covid-19 hit, people gathered whatever they could because they didn’t know what to do.

People purchased anything they thought would shield them from the coronavirus, even distilled water.

Because hospitals and clinics frequently use distilled water but there wasn’t a lot of supply available, the constant hoarding of distilled water even created challenges in healthcare and medicine.

What Should You Do If Distilled Water Is Limited?

Boiling effectively destroys germs, bacteria, or other pollutants, it does not distil water. Boiling or filtering is a great option if all you need to do is get rid of the most common contaminants in your water.

Reverse osmosis is frequently used to produce purified water. It is essentially a unique kind of filtration. Water flows through a semipermeable that filters out salts and other impurities as it does so.

There are some other methods for producing purified water at home in case of a shortage of distilled water.

Before purchasing distilled water, always conduct extensive research and compare it to reliable sources. Don’t purchase it simply because you’ve heard it has a certain benefit.

If you need distilled water for medical reasons, you can ask the supplier. If you intend to use distilled water only for potential benefits and not for medical purposes, it would be best to avoid purchasing it.


Distilled water is no longer as simple to purchase as it used to be. There’s water that has been filtered, enhanced, distilled, purified, and so much more!

Distilled water is used for a variety of purposes aside from drinking, therefore those who depend on it frequently are concerned and wondering why there is a shortage of distilled water.

In actuality, the lack of distilled water is a result of several factors, including high demand, slow manufacturing, inordinate use, and a few others.

If you have a water distiller of your own, you won’t ever need to worry again if you see the bare shelves of distilled water in the grocery store!



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