Why Whiskey Doesn’t Give You A Hangover?

When it comes to alcohol, one of the biggest fears for most men and women is having to struggle out of bed the next day.

No one likes to go through the hangover experience, more so if this were to happen on a weekday when we have to drag ourselves through the heaps of mail with a throbbing headache.

But here’s one way out.

It’s a safer drink and does not leave you with a hangover. Now we know we got you curious, so read on as we give you the answers.

What’s Special About Whiskey?

So, what is it that makes this drink comparatively harmless?

While drinks like vodka, gin, and brandy can wake you up the next day with a throbbing headache and a stomach that threatens to throw everything out, whiskey is known to be more well-behaved than the rest.

The secret lies in the distillation process. This removes all the congeners from the alcohol, and you have a drink that does not threaten to give you a hangover.

Whiskey is more of a distilled alcohol with 40 percent alcohol by volume (ABV). Now, this can be quite high, classifying this drink as hard liquor, despite what the article’s topic made you believe and think.

So, Does Whiskey Give Me A Hangover?

This is why it also depends on the kind of whiskey one chooses to drink. While some whiskeys are made with low-quality ingredients that can cause a hangover that is as bad as the other drinks, a good quality whiskey, when consumed in a decent amount, is enjoyable and safe to drink.

That said, scotch whiskey is known to be of high quality and safe to drink, whereas bourbon is considered to have more congeners that could make it a rather strong drink.

Two of the most reliable names that we could give you here are Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey, Jameson Irish Whiskey,

How Many Whiskeys Can I Drink in That Case?

There, we got you all positive right now, didn’t we? So, how much whiskey can you drink?

Mind you, this is still alcohol, and all alcohol comes with limits, whiskey included in the list.

While it is true that you will not end up with a hangover after a couple of drinks, drinking too much whiskey is known to give you a hangover worse than some other drinks.

Dark, rich in color, and inviting when poured over the rocks, whiskey can make a tempting drink—and more so now that you are convinced it is harmless and won’t interfere with the rest of your evening.

But don’t be fooled; remember, this is still an alcoholic drink.

Come To the Point! How Much Is Too Much?

Whiskey, in fact, contains about 35 times the amount of congeners that one would find in a glass of vodka, so watch what you are doing and count the number of pegs you help yourself with as you go.

While a dose of 30-45 mL would be decent, anything more than that is going to get you into a mess.

However, this can still vary from person to person; a first-time drinker can get drunk in a few sips and will definitely have to consume much less than this.

If you have shots, three is the maximum that you can take. Take the fourth shot, and you are going to get drunk.

Is It the Same For All?

We’re glad you came up with this question and feel you already know the answer. No, it’s not the same for everyone!

For one, there is the age factor to consider, where older people need to be more careful and consume less. Also, people with smaller physiques must be more watchful, as they tend to get intoxicated faster. This includes women, who need to be more careful about how much they drink.

Finally, remember that for those with health issues, whiskey can be a harmful drink, and may have to be avoided, no matter how much the others around you may try to change what you think.

That said, if you are taking medication or drugs of any kind, hangover or not, whiskey at any cost should not be your choice of drink.

Understood? And so, for the rest of you, read on to know what to consider when you drink.

How To Prevent Hangovers With Whiskey?

Hangovers do happen, my friend, yes, even with whiskey. After all, this is an alcoholic drink, so keep in mind that there is a right way to do it.

So, what is the right way to do it? Read on and keep all the following in mind, and you will know the right way to do it:

Eat While You Drink

That said, make sure that you eat something when you drink. We often get so caught up in drinking and partying that we forget about our hungry stomachs, and this is a common mistake we make when we drink.

Eat. It will help you drink less.

Scan the menu, and you’ll find something you’d like to have from the list. Perhaps some chicken fries or a plate of beef.

There, we know you got hungry and were motivated to have something the next time you drank.

Drink While You Drink

We mean water, and lots of it.

It’s anyway going to be a long time before you go to bed, so all the better to get the alcohol diluted so you sleep better, too, once you hit the bed.

Sleep Well

Speaking of sleep, make sure you get enough of it as a lack of it will show the next day and result in the hangover you feel.

So, put away that phone for you are most likely not in the state to use it. Go to sleep, and you will have no regrets over what you would probably do if you were to fiddle with it.

Eat Again

This time we mean breakfast. So, when you wake up, make sure that you have a hearty breakfast and not another drink. We had to mention this because, yes, there are some fools who opt to do this.

Final Thoughts

Last of all, make sure that you drink slowly and sip by sip. It will prove that you are sophisticated and, more importantly, will not leave you with a hangover after you drink.

So, it’s not about whisky not giving you a hangover at all. Whiskey can still give you a hangover. It’s just that this can be a safe option when enjoyed in the right way and not casually gulped down like any soft drink.



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